Roms - Legal or Illegal, It's Just Your View of Perspective

Nowadays, you can crawl on the Internet and know many people had acclaimed that roms are illegal. Sites that offers roms download usually distribute notice before download such as [Please delete the file within 24 hours if you do not own it] or so on, I personally think that roms is legal, if viewed in other perspective.

The phrase 'sharing is good' surely deserve it's stand in this case. Most people prefer the term 'backup' instead of 'roms'. The 'backup' term sounds quite legal doesn't it? So how does roms created. Simply put, the rom uploader must first own the original game. Secondly, he or she must also own a cartridge reader in order to insert the original cartridge within it, and copy them (convert) into .nds format and distribute it in the Internet. If view in this perspective, people who uploaded the rom has only one thing in their mind, to make a backup copy for their game which they bought with hard-earn money (just in case the original game broken) and to share it with other people. Isn't that sound convenient enough?

In this century, roms is gaining momentum as the gaming industry expand. Such issue occured mainly because the hi-jack price for the original game itself, should it be PS2, NDS, GBA or other popular console format. Some online store such as do have discount for those games, but it's just rare. Even if the discount is offer, it's just decrease several bucks. Not many people are rich, thus cannot afford original game all the time for their favorite wishlist game. Instead of buying the original game, why not just download the roms, burn it (in GBA or NDS case, copy and paste it in a microSD and read by FlashCart). By doing so, one can save their hard-earned cash and spent it on the game that they really got interested with. For me, I only buy the original game which I wanted so badly. Which aspect did I consider? Well, it's the replay value of course! What's the point buying a original game which doesn't offer unlockables upon beating the game? It doesn't sound interesting enough for me. Unlike Pokemon game series, it's gaining popularity in all ages due to it's marvelous replay value. Upon beating the Pokemon League, one can battle with each other, capture all pokemon, customizing their party pokemon, and so on. They had only one goal set in mind - To complete the PokeDex and become the finest Pokemon Trainer, or should I say, Pokemon Master!

For some people who bought the original game, it's common for them to say that roms is illegal as they had spent hundred of cash buying the original game itself! Wouldn't it will somehow provoke them if you say "Hey! Look at him, so silly till even bother to buy the original game as I can get this game for free ONLINE". This kind of attitude does not sound quite right. In fact, like movies or mp3's, which one can download it on the Internet via popular file sharing such as the world acclaimed BitTorrent, Kazza, eMule by just a click on the mouse. Instead of going to the cinema and watch the movie on a big screen, why not sit in front of a computer, click on the movie that someone else had uploaded, and watch it directly in front of the monitor? It's kinda similar to the roms case. Gaming companies had spent millions of dollars trying to develop a certain game - hiring staff, electric bills, publicity, and the list goes on. Wouldn't it will be a little bit disencouraging if we didn't support them? If everybody is totally IN with roms, then a game company will certainly don't have enough profit for the release of a game. In the end, the company will not even bother to release another sequel for the game.

Let's use an example. If you're a mastermind behind a game titled Piggy Hole, probably also known as game programmer in the company. The game had been released for months now and you would like to see how well does the publicity goes. So you had decided to take a walk in a plaza at the afternoon. When you reached the plaza, you keep searching for the game that your company had designed. Ah, somehow you managed to find it all by yourself. Apparently there are two students standing beside each other and pointed their finger on the game.

Student Alpha: Hey! Check this out dude! This is the game that I had been looking forward to buy. I had read reviews about this game and it's totally rocks! The game is even got it's first place on GameSpot!

Certainly, as most rational and normal people would do, is to grin happily and embarassed for hearing such comment... You're even blushing on the spot! Luckily no one noticed... Phew

Student Beta: Let me ask you dude! What century do you live in now? It's not Stone Age as you know... It's 21th century we're talking about! You can find this game on the Internet, download it and burn it on DVD! Why bother to buy the original game? Check out the price dude! I can eat 10 meals in KFC with this kind of price!

At the end, well, you figure it out...

In conclusion, support original! Don't just buy any game you like ORIGINALLY! Read their reviews, discuss it and only consider to do so if you truly wanted the game and will not regret for spending your hard-earned cash on it! Unless you're rich, consider the point above for your own MONEY SAKE!


Whether or not Roms are illegal has nothing to do with your personal perspective. Roms are illegal. If you feel otherwise, you don't understand the way legal systems work in most nations.

Is using a Rom instead of purchasing a game stealing? Yes. There's nothing to argue. If you're alright with stealing, go ahead, use Roms. But don't try to be self-righteous and act like it's ok to do because you don't want to spend money.



Some games that I've heard about have terable reviews, I'll download the ROM and if it seems like soemthing I like, I'll buy it. When It comes to ROMs from Japan.. it's really hard and imposable to aford them, when all I want to do is get some pictures of it, to show others.

I like them just 'cause it's hard to play a GBA or NDS with one hand, ROMS let me configure the buttons, so there easier to play.

And if you live in america where a lot of games are made... we aren't making enough anymore to just buy a game that we randomly see. ROMS help me diside if I really want to save money for 3 months to buy it.


Well, in my opinion, roms are illigal and legal at the same time. Its illigal to download a game that you want but dont have, and its legal to have a rom of a game that you do have. In case a game of yours breaks, you can still play it.


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