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Parallel Desktop vs. VMWare Fusion
VMWare Fusion vs. Parallel Desktop : Which is Faster?

Verdict: I would choose VMWare Fusion over Parallel for it's stability and performance over the years even though Parallel Desktop is the first virtualization software for Mac OSX. I had tried VMWare Fusion and the overall installation and ease of use is great.

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XBMC Advanced Configuration (Ext Player, DSPlayer..)

XBMC Advanced Configuration

Note: For my own reference only:

Compiling XBMC with DSPlayer
A. Preparing the downloads
1. Download the source files here.
2. Download Visual C++ 2010 Express.
3. Download Direct X SDK June Edition.
4. Extract the tibet20-xbmc-xxxxx download from step 1.
5. Go to projects\BuildDependencies.
6. Run DownloadBuildDeps.bat and DownloadMingwBuildEnv.bat.
7. Wait for it to complete download.

B. Compile the solution using VS2010 Express
1. Go to project\VS2010Express
2. Open XBMC for Windows.sln. If nothing happen when double click right click on it and select VS2010.
3. On the menu bar, select Release (Direct X).
4. Click the Play icon or right click on the Solution Explorer and select Build Solution (F7).

C. Final Build - Building .EXE
1. Go to project\Win32BuildSetup
2. Open BuildSetup.bat. Select 2 when asked.
3. After finished, an .exe file will be created under the same directory. Can also launch by going to project\Win32BuildSetup\BUILD_WIN32\Xbmc\XBMC.exe.

* If got libmicrohttpd-5.dll error, copy \Program Files\XBMC\system\webserver from existing working one.

* If there is error when running BuildSetup.bat in Section C, download Nullsoft scriptable install system here.

Can also get the final build for XBMC with DSPlayer here.


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HOW TO use Advancedsettings.xml (created under username\AppData\Roaming\XBMC\userdata\)
Setting up bitstreaming for XBMC using DSPlayer
TV Shows Naming
Custom Directory Structure for TV Shows Naming

Forum Threads
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Momogram Graph Studio (used to get GUID for the filters)