Preparing video files for YouTube in HD quality

My previous post is about recording video game. This post will be mentioning about ways to prepare those raw video files for publishing on the Internet, e.g. YouTube.

The following methods is solely based on my own preference and might differ from others.

Tools used:
Mediacoder - to convert the raw video into a editing-friendly format. (e.g. Final Cut Pro (FCP) doesn't accept the native .AVI format).
Editing software - Final Cut Studio Pro X (Requires Mac OS 10.6.7 or above), Sony Vegas Studio Platinum v10 (Windows).

First things first:

Optimal way to capture game video (FRAPS vs Bandicam)

It is no doubt that FRAPS is the reigning software that sprung into most people's mind in their first venture into the world of capturing precious gaming moment. However, after using it for some time, one might start to wonder the limitations of the software, among those are:

1) File size limiation of 3.9GB per video recording because FRAPS is still using the older standard of AVI, which is openDML v1.

2) Game lagging during recording via Full Size (1920x1080).

Unfortunately, there is still no way to overcome the aforementioned limiations. This is when another software, Badicam came into mind.

With my experience of using Bandicam thus far, there is no impact on the FPS whatsoever when capturing the video in full-size. I am not implying that FRAPS causes a huge dip in FPS, but I would like to record the entire session of the game in single file instead of multiple split files, even if the problem can be solved by merging those files. The reason is because it uses compression technique to keep the file small. Below is the setting which I set for recording session:

"It is always better to record in the highest possible quality for later post-processing purpose."

Bluetooth PS3 DS3 with motioninJoy (Pairing success)

The Bluetooth Dongle USB v2.0+EDR which I ordered online yesterday had reached my doorstep today. It is a lucky purchase as the device is compatible with the current version of MotionInJoy. I can finally get rid of the USB cable when I use my beloved PS3 DualShock3 controller. It is simply the best controller ever made, period. No more hassle for tripping over wire :)

Completed Persona 4

Completed Persona 4 after roughly 68 hours of game play.

To tell the truth, I'm not so satisfied with the ending compared with P3 though. There is a turning point whereby I am given the choice to push the killer into the TV or spare it. Regardless of whichever choice I do, there is no further gameplay unlike P3 whereby you get extra one month (January) to prepare and defeat Nyx (if you choose not to kill Ryoko). Besides, Social Links doesn't seemed to have much meaning that contributed towards the ending unlike P3.

Well back to the ending, there are two different ending depending on my choices at the scene whether to spare or push the killer into the TV world.

First route: Sparing him
If I chose to spare him, you will be glad to hear when the doctor told you that Nanako didn't died after all. The next Spring you will see on the news that the guy will be held on trial. But he denied the first two mystery murders. Nanako couldn't see you off as she is still recuperating at the hospital.

Second route: Push him into the TV world
In this case, you will found that Nanako died when you and your friends are back to her ward. The next Spring you will see on the news reporting that he committed suicide and police still couldn't find the case of his death.

In both route, you will notice that Teddie had left the world. Regardless, the mystery still shrouds on why he left as well as the existence of the Midnight Channel.

Case closed... Eh?

Guides referred:
Max Social Links Guide

Comparisons between Persona 3 (FES) and Persona 4

Looking back at what I had accomplished thus far. I had finished playing Persona 3: FES one week ago and has since started playing P4. After playing P4 for roughly a week now (now on mid September), it had sprung to my mind to mention the changes for this awesome RPG in comparison with P3 or P3:FES, just for the sake of memory refreshment and ways to kill time aside from indulging myself in P4.

Story / Plot
- Moon cycle (Full Moon) in P3 is replaced by weather (Fog) in P4. For each Full Moon in P3, you will fight each Shadow correspond to the twelve major arcana. Not much curiosity involved as you are only expected to fight each shadow by every Full Moon. In P4, when the fog is the heaviest, that is when someone will be killed. Here you are presented with much curiosity as you are trying to figure out who is going to be killed next.

Dungeon Exploration:
- Your party HP and SP are no longer restored to maximum. In P3, every time you return to 1F in Tartarus, all your HP and SP will be restored to their maximum points. I used to exploit this mechanic by returning to 1F after activating the beacon before fighting the floor boss. However, in P4, the only way to restore SP is by using the Fox service (which healed your SP for a price) or SP recovery item.

- Instead of one single dungeon, Tartarus to explore in P3, there are now multiple dungeons to explore in P4, each of which caters to the character traits. The most memorable ones are the retro game dungeon which looks like 3D Dot Games Heroes.

- There are no more floor beacon to activate in the dungeons in P4. This makes sense as the number of floors is small, but seemingly increasing with each new dungeons. The highest floors I reached thus far is not more than 15F. In other words, the only way to return to the entrance now is by using skill ( ), item ( ) or the Glittering butterfly savepoint at the highest floor of each dungeon (before fighting the dungeon boss).

- Before fighting the dungeon final / true boss, there are now an intermediary boss that you will need to fight.

- In P3, you visit Tartarus in every Evening; In P4, you can only gather your party for dungeon exploration during After School.

- While exploring Tartarus with your party, your teammates as well as yourself might get tired after battling a certain number of Shadows. When this happens, the character is more prone to critical attack (hence knock down status), getting more damage from Shadow, lower hitting rate, etc. If prolonged, the character might be getting sick after returning to the reality. You wouldn't want this to happen as it takes much more days for the sickened character to become healthly again. In P4, however, this mechanic had removed altogether. Your character will not have tired/sickness status and you can explore the dungeon for all the time you want.

Mass Effect 2 Post-Completion Thought

Alas, finally completed Mass Effect 2 (PC) on Hardcore mode after 31 hours of playing. It had been a while, heck, perhaps years since I played a decent FPS+RPG kind of game. My first playthrough was with a Paragon build male John Shepard.

While reading through the game forum for my second playthough, I found out something interesting that determines the mortality rate of my teammates on the Suicide Mission. Heck I never thought that there is a way to keep all members alive! I lost 3 members, Legion, Thane, and Jacob during the mission. I'd like Jack to trade places with Thane though for certain reasons (You'd know her well if you played the game). Losing Jacob didn't really concern me much. In fact, he is the first member I would like to get rid of before the mission even get started. Perhaps he is just too normal and being the only black guy in the game XD (just joking, I'm not a racist).

I guess BioWare really knows how to design a game with player decision in mind. After completing my first playthrough I now understand why ME2 is highly acclaimed among PC gamers. Great voice acting, facial expression, and the plot really make me forget how time flies. Glad I had played it.

Now that I had looked at it, I will continue my second playthrough, this time with an ultimate bad-ass female Jane Shepard. I wonder what kind of bad-ass responses will she give.

Off to save the universe.

P/S: Intimacy scene with Tali is the most rewarding part. /gg Too bad I can't see her real face. Hope this will get revealed in ME3.