Mass Effect 2 Post-Completion Thought

Alas, finally completed Mass Effect 2 (PC) on Hardcore mode after 31 hours of playing. It had been a while, heck, perhaps years since I played a decent FPS+RPG kind of game. My first playthrough was with a Paragon build male John Shepard.

While reading through the game forum for my second playthough, I found out something interesting that determines the mortality rate of my teammates on the Suicide Mission. Heck I never thought that there is a way to keep all members alive! I lost 3 members, Legion, Thane, and Jacob during the mission. I'd like Jack to trade places with Thane though for certain reasons (You'd know her well if you played the game). Losing Jacob didn't really concern me much. In fact, he is the first member I would like to get rid of before the mission even get started. Perhaps he is just too normal and being the only black guy in the game XD (just joking, I'm not a racist).

I guess BioWare really knows how to design a game with player decision in mind. After completing my first playthrough I now understand why ME2 is highly acclaimed among PC gamers. Great voice acting, facial expression, and the plot really make me forget how time flies. Glad I had played it.

Now that I had looked at it, I will continue my second playthrough, this time with an ultimate bad-ass female Jane Shepard. I wonder what kind of bad-ass responses will she give.

Off to save the universe.

P/S: Intimacy scene with Tali is the most rewarding part. /gg Too bad I can't see her real face. Hope this will get revealed in ME3.