For a boy who dislike outdoor activities and cherish the phrase "home sweet home" such as myself, going for a Pre-U lifetstyle means parting with my closest friends and family.

Yes, like MOST people who appealed for entry in matriculation, I'm currently feeling nervous yet exciting right now. Nervous because I do not know what lies ahead of my path ; exciting because I can finally try to live on my own, without relying on my mom and dad.

As you can see, or probably not if you haven't view my profile yet, my hometown is in Segamat, Johor. And guess what? I got an offer to matric at Penang - KMPP (Kolej Matrikulasi Pulau Pinang)! Consider the distance which will take approx. 7 to 9 hours of car journey, going there is also a problem. In fact, I had hear comments from people saying that KMPP is one of the best matriculation center available in our country if compared with other. I don't know whether this is true, or not. However, I do agree that living in a duty free country and a country far from my hometown will definitely increase my experience by a TON.

When it comes to living outside by your own, friend is indeed played an important role. Based on this fact, I hope I will manage to find some good friends when being there. Since there is only 10% of chinese students there, I think the odd for me to live with my another 3 roommates (malay) will probably higher than living with Chinese. I'm not a person that is race discrimination. It's just... Well, it will be quite comfortable if your roommates is with the same races as you did, don't you think so too?

By the way, wish me luck ya? I'm going for KMPP due 29th May 2007. It's kinda rush for me though. Thought I can enjoy my 2 weeks of holiday. Well, guess it's fate!

- D.Sync

Teachers Day

May 16, 2007 - Teachers Day

Nothing much to say about it (:gulp) except:


Fun Facts

Feel bored? Nothing to do? Want to improve your common sense by a tiny bit? Then the following facts may get you interested with. I just type whatever I currently being able to think of.

- During a meeting conference, nobody really cares on what you (speaker) said unless you had made a word mistake.

- If you can't categorize a thing, just label it under 'Miscellaneous', it can't possibly go wrong.

- If train station is a place where train stop, bus station is a place where bus stop, then what is a work station?

- Most people doesn't really care about how a thing is made. As long as it's usable, they won't care for the further details.

- If you are a project manager or planning assistant, you may sometimes make a few mistake while planning. If there's anything wrong and couldn't go as planned, just don't forget to mention the word "technical problem". No one will ask you further details about it.

- If you are not computer literate, never mind. When your computer malfunctioned, then you'll seek advice from other sources and probably become computer literate.

Digimon World DS

The first Digimon game released by Bandai for the Nintendo DS. Guess Bandai also took steps to monopoly the marketing for NDS.

Unlike the game title implies, Digimon World DS is rather different from Digimon World (PS). In fact, both of the game has but only one thing in common - raise digimon. The only things that matters is you do not need to concern about your Digimon life age, care for it's food, bring it to bladder, etcetera. Personally I did not like Digimon World (PS) as I'll need to take care of my Digimon every second, starting from the moment I load my game file. So if you are going for toilet or even answering a phone call for a moment, make sure you Pause the game to prevent yourself to miss a certain event that may occur to your Digimon.

So in Digimon World DS, it's a contrary of Digimon World (PS). You just need to level up your Digimon, train it or leave it in the Farm, then you're up to go. No need to extra concern like the Sims. Although Digimon World DS include three characters from Digimon Savers (which you'll meet in the beginning quest) such as Touma, it's a different plot. You take part not as a DATS, but as a normal tamer that being 'sucked' into the Digimon World without any Digivice at all. You get it at the moment after you arrived in the Digimon World. I couldn't figure out how on earth is this happening though, to be teleported inside a Digimon World without a Digivice? Anyways, One you're in, you'll be given a certain briefing and then you'll be choosing your first partner. Any partner will do as you can obtain them in the game later.

Unlike Pokemon game, there's no such thing as DigiBall to capture or be friend with a Digimon you met. In fact, you scans them. Once the scanning percentage is over 100%, you can digiconverting them to their physical form by accessing the menu in the DigiFarm. If you had played Digimon World 4 for PS2, the DigiCentral is almost alike with DW4. With portal and such.

Like the other Digimon game, but unlike Pokemon game, level doesn't matter. The only things that matter is the Stats. Just as Digimon World 2 (PS), there's a level cap for each digimon. In order to maximize the level cap (aptitude is the term in the game), you'll need to keep on Digivolve and De-generate your Digimon until it satisfied you. For a perfectionist, level 99 is the max and the max value for each stats is 999. The level and stats cap is rather moderate and acceptable compared to DW2 which the level cap is 999 and the max stats is 9999. It's just insane for one to raise such Digimon without any cheat codes.

If you want to complete the quest, you'll probably feel bored after doing the first few quest. For every quest, it'll whether required you to go looking for a certain items in a dungeon or just talking to someone in the DigiCentral to obtain the items. The same process go through for most of the quest, or should I say, EVERY QUEST. So why bother to do the quest anyways? Well, you'll earn Tamer Points for each quest. After you had reached a certain Tamer Points, you can talk to a professor in the DigiCentral and you'll be given some items.

There's no need to level up your Digimon to the maximum level, plan your Digimon Team for battle or any other things like you did with Pokemon games. In Digimon World DS, you can only do a Egg Matching event with other friends via WFC. For digimon battling, you can only access the wireless connection features, with other friends near you. So you'll mostly spent the time with your hardly raise Digimon for nothing aside from completing the Digimon Gallery.

For the battle scene. You can never see your Digimon sprite during battle. In fact, you can only see your enemy sprite. The good thing is the illustration for each Digimon is great and the size is rather logic. You start the battle with only 3 Digimon. If all of your 3 Digimon had been KO'ed, then you'll have the option to exchange them with another 3 of your relief Digimon (if available). All the enemy HP will never exceed 999 except for bosses. So just as I mentioned above, there's no need to max out your Digimon stats. You'll end the battle in merely 3-5 seconds when you're progressing in the later of the game. The enjoyment and excitement is not as fun as Pokemon.

In conclusion, Digimon World DS is worth playing when the game is released last year. If you had decided to go to a local store for this game, don't. Just wait for another dual release of the game - Digimon World: Moonlight and Digimon World: Moonlight (both name in Japanese) as the next installment include a wide range of improvement. The US release date is due to confirmation and will probably be released in 2007 September. Just stick to Pokemon Diamond or Pearl until then.

Form 6 and reminiscence from the memories

The day has finally come. After 4 months of hibernating, I finally get to school today, to study for Form 6. Quite frankly though, I do not expect myself to study in the same school when I was in Form 5. Yet things works rather different in reality, where we must prepare for the impossible. Sometimes thing may not end up just as we thought.

Reason why I'm in Form 6? It's quite obvious isn't it? I did not get an offer to go for matriculation. In fact, only 3 students in my school - SMK Paduka Tuan get the chances to further their studies there. As we all know, results in SPM doesn't really matter. They just choose the students randomly and of course, giving the main priority for the bumiputera (couldn't figure the English term for this).

Besides matriculation, I had also apply for the JPA scholarship and I actually got an offer for JPA interview. However, I did not go for it. When I told this great oppurtunity to my fellow friends and relative, the answer will always be a tie - Such a waste! So why did I turned in down at the first place? It's rather shame for me to state my reason here but I'll mention it anyways, it's a blog ya? Firstly, I lack of self-confidence and one can hardly hear me speak English in the public. I just couldn't. Speaking of public speaking and self-confidence, I'm also afraid of the MUET (Malaysian University English Test) which require all Form 6 students to sit for. I have this thought for a long time, after I receive the offer. The students that are going for the interview will definitely speaking like a professor and possess a strong self-confidence within them. I must admit that my English speaking is rather average and I probably remain silence among the interviewers, especially since many eyes focus on me. Nowadays it's quite rare for a teenagers aged between 17-18 in Malaysia to actually do a public speaking with no fear at all. Perhaps I'm just one of them. Perhaps studying in Form 6 in the next 2 years can build my confidence at least to a few stages above.

As we all know, all Form 6 students are required to attend a week of orientation for it's a part of JPN plan. In my case, sorry, in all Form 6 students case, it started today. In a session there's been a slide show displaying the reason why we're all in Form 6. Among them are: Does not get an offer for matriculation and does not got the financial support. I just couldn't find my answer elsewhere in the screen - DESTINY. Yeah, it's my fate and destiny to be here in Form 6 and I just couldn't say why or how. It's just a part of God plans.

Challenging as it might sound to be, many top students are transfered to my school. This next two years will definitely be a harsh year for me. If there's so many competitors, I must struggle myself to join with them by studying even harder.

If only I can return to the past, I will definitely go back to the primary school, where the sweetest moment lies... -

- Without worries (only need to focus on UPSR). Whether the result good or not, one will definitely get a chance to further their studies in secondary school.
- Can always depend to the parents. Parents will always make the best choice for us, depends on their financial support. One will not need to work outdoor to earn a living. Everything we had such as clothes, toys come from the income from our parents.
- No need to plan far enough. Our parents will do the job for us
and many more...

Just imagine what will your childhood look like? Do you still prefer the adult life that you enjoy now, or perhaps...?

Got the $$, but couldn't spent it

Just as I thought, there's no local store nearby that sell any Wireless router? Can you ever imagine it? Guess I have no choice but to purchase it online...

Aside from that, I also went to my secondary school today with only one purpose, to enroll for Form 6. Quite frankly, I didn't expect myself to further my studies in Form 6. According to wikipedia, STPM can be considered as the most difficult Pre-U examinations worldwide (A Level). You can see how hard it is eh?

Hopefully entering Form 6 will be the ideal choice for me in the next 2 years. The result? Well, I didn't dare to think that far...

Dare to take the Horror Test?

During midnight (pass 12.00 a.m.), had you ever staring at the monitor with absolute silence and only yourself, hope that something interesting might happened to you?

Do you like to watch horror movies, yet didn't have the chance to go inside the World of Terror? Or do you feel you'd like to have a one of a time experience all by yourself?

If the answer to the question above is YES, then the following article, or should I say TEST will suit you. Otherwise, just head back to the link where you previously being located.


Before you take the Horror Test below, make sure you meet the following condition:

1) The time is between 12.00 am and 2.59 am
2) Your computer, which you're using now, is in your bedroom or any other room
3) You're totally alone at the time, which either means all of your family members are napping or going out
4) No food/drinks or other consumable thing is behind your computer desk
5) You're not chewing on any sweet/gums
6) You're not wearing any headphones or listening to music
7) You're clear in mind what you're about to do next.
8) Physically and mentally well, no illness
9) Do not think what will happened next, just follow the test instruction! Do not let your mind take over your conscience.
10) You're able to understand English well.
11) You had been familiar with spooky situation and you're taking this test to try out your courage

If you met the aforementioned requirements, then get ready for the next stage - Preparation!

1) Radio - Signal change to FM with no tune, which is the tune you'll likely hear when no signal is received. The volume is set to normal to avoid disturbtion
2) Clock - A wall hanging clock which you can hear the ticking sound cleary as it's midnight and it's silence
3) Alarm clock/Alarm watch - Any clock or watch that has the alarm functionality.
4) Doll - A doll (appearance is not the issue), need to have a face, preferably with a large eye, nose and mouth

If you had prepared, then prepare to take the following test. Read the following lines one by one and scroll down (by pressing the Down arrow one by one) ONLY AFTER YOU HAD READ EACH LINE! This is the ensure you had no idea what will happen next!

Horror Test 1

1. Turn off all the lights

2. Put the doll next to your monitor / any location behind your monitor which you can see clearly

3. Set your alarm clock/watch to 3 minutes after you had read this line, NOW!

4. Close your eyes for 30 seconds, think nothing more other than listening to the clock ticking & radio signal and counting from 1 to 30, (remember to look back at the monitor after 3o seconds)... Starting NOW!

5. Now that you had reopened your eyes, reading this line, that means you're good to go

6. Slowly turn around and stare at your doll FACE for about as long as you can bear

7. If you moved your attention here again, close your eyes again (for about 30 seconds, count it in your heart, make your mind to think 2 thing at a same time) and think back about the movie that scared you most, such as Child's Play 4, or monsters that lurking under your back, starting NOW

8. Now that you've reopened your eyes, don't think what will happen next, just stare at the following white space below for about 10 seconds (count in your heart)









9. Whisper the following words in your heart, with low voice tones:

-> Is

-> It

-> Or

-> Is

-> There

-> Anything

-> Behind

-> My

-> Back

-> Huh?

10. Good, now slowly turn your head behind, stop reading, just DO

11. At the moment you're staring back here, you'll feel that






Your alarm rang!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

End of Test

Congratulations! After the test, if you had managed to hear the alarm rang after doing all the steps above, 11 totally. That means you're clearly a man which can withstand anything.

If not, you're probably a coward that chickened out after doing one of those steps.

While doing step #8, If you keep on wondering where's the following dots or what color is it. If so, it indicates that you are able to withstand any situation, as long as it fascinate you. However, if you're just wondering when will the dots going to end, or what is the following steps, that means you're being impatience and will most likely to give up the test soon.

The test above is solely written by me with no other sources.

Leave any comment at chatter box or here if you had take the test above. Tell me what you feel~~

Much anticipation for one product, yet it didn't last long

Started from yesterday I had but only 1 thing playing in my mind - to buy myself a Linksys Wireless router WRG54G near my town area, Segamat, Johor.

Today, with the money in my pocket, I happily entered each computer store. What I never thought is among the 3 computer stores I visited, none of them sell it! Man, is Segamat a totally rural area or what? Why can't they just order maybe 1 or 2 of those popular brand router in their store for people like me? Maybe they never target those tech savvy guy such as myself /giggles.

If only I live in KL, JB or any other busy streets right now, I won't be frustrated by sitting in front of my computer and posting such blog...

Oo my Linksys, when will you come to ME?

Somebody please teleport me to somewhere else, Ouendan!!

Previous PKMN Pearl, now PKMN Diamond

Well, nothing much to say today. Just started playing Pokemon Diamond with a female character /giggles. I had started to play PKMN Pearl since two weeks ago with a male character and it's nothing much to do right now except leveling and battling at Battle Tower. So why not try out PKMN Diamond with female character for some candy eye-catching scene. The bag for female character sure is different compared with male character bag.

If only I can gain Wi-Fi access in my home, it would be great. No Wi-Fi router, no WFC...

Still consider whether I should study Form 6 or college. Argh, couldn't make up my mind. Ideas?

Pokemon Diamond/Pearl Quick Guides

Before I begin, I'm sure many PokeFans had grabbed their hand on Pokemon Diamond/Pearl just as I did. Those who played Pokemon Diamond/Pearl will surely go to GameFaqs to search for topic related to their questions such as version exclusive pokemon, where to catch, how to catch, where to evolve, etc..

However, the board topics in GameFaqs is just totally huge. Most of the time you won't be able to find your answer there though. So I had decided to spent some of my free time compiling those information for sharing purpose.

* If you have any question, feel free to leave comment and I'll reply to your answer as soon as possible.

A. Version Exclusive Pokemon
B. Most Requested Pokemon Catching Location
C. Side-Quest
--> 1. Swarming Pokemon
--> 2. Pokemon Mansion
D. Most Requested Item Location

A. Version Exclusive Pokemon------------------------------------
Diamond Exclusives:

Pearl Exclusives:

Third Generation Exclusives:

B. Most Requested Pokemon Catching Location
For the location, I just list down the location where you'll most likely meet them just as I did.

#117 SeadraPrevious Evolution: Horsea
Evolve into: Kingdra (Item: Dragon Scale)
Rarity: Common
Location: Route 226 (Fish with Super Rod)

#120 Staryu
Evolve into: Starmie (Item: Water Stone)
Rarity: Uncommon
Location: Sunyshore City (Fish with Super Rod)
Location Info: Fish at the sea (north) of the city

#175 Togepi
Evolve into: #176 Togetic (Happiness) -> #468 Togekiss (Item: Shiny Stone)
Rarity: Rare
PokeRadar Required
Location: Route 230

#215 Sneasnel
Evolve into: #461 Weavile (Time: Night / Item: Razor Claw)
Rarity: Common
Location: Snowpoint Temple (accessible after getting National Dex)

#343 Baltoy
Evolve into: Claydol (Lv.36)
Rarity: Rare
PokeRadar required
Location: Route 206

#355 Duskull
Evolve into: Dusclops (Lv.37) -> Dusknoir (Item: Reaper Cloth)
Rarity: Rare
PokeRadar required
Location: Route 224

#371 Bagon
Evolve into: Shelgon -> Salamence
Rarity: Rare
PokeRadar required
Version Exclusive: Pearl
Location: Route 210 (North)

#425 Drifloon
If you visit Valley Windworks on every Friday after obtaining two badges, you'll find Drifloon (appeared as a sprite) standing outside the building entrance during daytime

#443 GibleEvolve into: #444 Gabite (Lv.24) -> #446 Garchomp (Lv.48)
Rarity: Rare
Location Info:-Gible is located in Wayward Cave near the Cycling Road in Route 206. Please note that there are two entrances to the cave. After going south on the Cycling Road, head east and use Cut on one of the two bushes in your way and then head north until you see the first entrance to the cave. Now, go UNDER the Cycling Road and keep pressing up/moving over until you find the SECRET, un-seeable, entrance. Once inside you will need to use the HM Strength (requires 6th gym badge) and then go down the stairs. Gible is located in this area, however, it is uncommon so you may need to walk around for a while before encountering one.

#460 - Abomasnow (Rare)Upon reaching Mt. Coronet Top. Use Rock Climb at the right side and you'll find a patch of grass with a single stone at the center of the right. Just keep running at the grass and eventually you'll find it

C. Side-Quest
1. Swarming Pokemon
After obtaining the National Dex, return to Sandgem Town and enter your other
rival's house. If talk to her sister, she will tell you about the location
where rare Pokemon are appearing in large numbers. Both the Pokemon and the
location change every day. The full list of possible Pokemon is below.

#016 Pidgey
#081 Magnemite
#083 Farfetch'd
#084 Doduo
#096 Drowzee
#098 Krabby
#100 Voltorb
#104 Cubone
#108 Lickitung
#114 Tangela
#177 Natu
#206 Dunsparce
#209 Snubbull
#220 Swinub
#222 Corsola
#225 Delibird
#231 Phanpy
#238 Smoochum
#263 Zigzagoon
#283 Surskit
#287 Slakoth
#296 Makuhita
#299 Nosepass
#300 Skitty
#309 Electrike
#325 Spoink
#327 Spinda
#359 Absol
#374 Beldum

2. Pokemon Mansion
You can visit the mansion any time after seeing your Rival in Hearthome City.
To get there go south of Hearthome City onto Route 212.

In the back of the mansion there is a trophy garden. You can find several
Pokemon in the grass, but none of them are too rare. Once you obtain the
National Dex, return to the mansion and speak with the owner. He will tell
you of a rare Pokemon that can be found in the garden. The Pokemon will
change everyday. Up to two rare Pokemon can be in the garden, and everyday
you speak with him, one of them will change. The complete list of possible
encounters is below.

#035 Clefairy
#039 Jigglypuff
#052 Meowth
#113 Chansey
#133 Eevee
#137 Porygon
#173 Cleffa
#174 Igglypuff
#183 Marill
#298 Azurill
#311 Plusle
#312 Minun
#351 Castform
#438 Bonsly
#439 Mime Jr.
#440 Happiny

Most Requested Item Location
Super Rod
After getting your National Dex, fly to Battle Area. Head east a bit then head north until you see a fisherman standing at the front of the entrance.

-> Adventure Tips

1. Before you begin your adventure, just like all the previous PKMN version, you'll have the option to choose one pokemon from the three starters. For beginner, I suggest you to choose Chimchar as it's final evolution which is dual type (Fire/Fight) will get you through the entire game with hasty speed without any problem.

2. Leveling your starter PKMN in the early stage of the game is highly recommended if you do not plan to level up your PKMN in the later stage, which could take more time. You should train till at least lv 10 with your starter PKMN before advancing to Sandgem town. It might take 5-10 minutes but it's worth it.

3. For multi-purpose HM PKMN, try and capture Bidoof (Cut), Marill (Surf/Waterfall) and Geodude (Rock Climb, Strength, Rock Smash) as soon as you meet them as they're a helpful to learn those HM and easy to find.

4. Do not run away from Trainer battle. If you meet a trainer, fight him/her. You could gain money and experience by battling them. Besides, you can complete your Sinnoh Pokedex by battling them as each trainer uses different type of PKMN, thus make you to get National Pokedex even sooner. Note that the requirements to get a National Pokedex is to meet all 150 PKMN in the Sinnoh Pokedex. If you battled every single trainer throughout the game, you'll find yourself to have met 149 PKMN in your Sinnoh Pokedex. For the #150, simply fly to Celestial Town and talk to a grandmother in the northern side house and you'll see a picture of Dialga (for Pearl) or Palkia (for Diamond)

5. Depend on your playing style, training one PKMN (starter) is sufficient enough to beat Elite Four (lv 65+) with the help of Full Restore and Max Elixer/Ether.

6. Do not waste your Masterball on version exclusive PKMN such as Dialga (Diamond) and Palkia (Pearl) as their catching rate is higher than other legendaries.

7. Always equipped yourself with Antidote, Burn Heal, Paralyze Heal (each 5) to save your time for going to PKMN center just to heal those status effect.

-> Battle Tips
1. In order to win a battle with the short amount of time possible, always choose a move that will gain 'super effective' hits to them. You can learn more about each type weaknesses at

2. Stat raising move such as Defense Curl, Agility may be useless for many novice PKMN players at the beginning stats. However, those effect may just turn the tide of the entire battle if the PKMN had reached LV 100.

3. Nature, Individual Values (IV) and Effort Values (EV) are the three most important aspect for raising a good PKMN. Refer to gamefaqs for more information about that.

4. Always make use of the Same Type Attack Bonus (STAB) move as it will give you 1.5x more attack power if the type of the move match the type of the PKMN.

5. Held Items, especially Berries will be able to change the result of a battle.

6. When battling an opponent, you must be very good in predict which move will they use to counterattack in order to strive. Switching PKMN will sometimes proof to be an ideal choice when the foe's PKMN seems to be a disadvantage to your current battling PKMN. And most importantly, never underestimate your opponent. You'll never know what can a Pichu do :P

7. Even if a move does not count towards STAB, it may sometimes necessary to learn just to counter your foe's PKMN. For example, it's never wrong for Tyranitar (Rock/Dark) to learn ThunderFang as your opponent may use Water type PKMN to counter your PKMN. Even STAB does not apply to that move, you could somehow lower your foe's HP to a considerable good amount of HP left.

8. In the fourth gen, all move set had been arranged in a new way, which include an special icon behind each move set - Physical and Special. For Physical move, the attack base value is count towards the Attack stats for a PKMN and for Special move, the attack base value is count towards the Special Attack stats for a PKMN.

9. Always use a move that utilize the highest stats for you PKMN. E.g. - it's a 100% bad choice for Alakazam to learn Thunderpunch, Icepunch as the attack value is count towards the Attack stats. It's a bad choice as Alakazam has the highest stats on it's Special Attack value compared to it's Attack value.

10. Try and make a team consisting of one or two defensive PKMN just to inflict status effects upon your foes. A Physical/Special sweeper team will likelihood to lose very easily without a defensive/tanker.

11. Your team should not consist with only one type. Try and make a team with a combination of all different type.

-> PKMN type
1. Dual Type PKMN is good as there can have at least 2 STAB move set with them. However, they'll also seems to have double weaknesses at the same time.

2. Dual Type PKMN can somehow cover their other type weaknesses, thus making a super-effective hits (2x) for one of it's type covered. As a result, it will count as normal damage (1x). For example, Metagross. As we all know, Psychic PKMN is weak against Dark attack and will get super effective hits from Dark attacks. However, with it's Steel type covered which Dark move will get Not effective hits with, the damage will count as Normal damage (1x). Isn't it just cool?


If you had bought an original cartridge for Pokemon Diamond and Pearl, I'm afraid the following content may be not suitable for you to view as ruining your mood and craft a deep scar inside your head skull.

PokeSav, also known as Pokemon Cheat Editor, is a program developed by a hacker from Nintendo. It's just a rumor about the developer and I had not yet gain extra information about it.

Before you trying to use PokeSav, you will need to extract your Pokemon D/P .sav file to your computer, then open it by using PokeSav. In other words, unless you're using flashcart to play Pokemon D/P, you are unable to use PokeSav to modify your pokemon data.

PokeSav seems to be gaining popularity over the Internet because of the fact that you can edit EVERYTHING regarding your .sav file. For example, you can modify your pokemon IV, EV, nature, moveset, captured date, captured place, obtained ribbons and so many more. It's not only limit to those though, you can modify your own trainer name, money and even event flags. Nothing is impossible to modify with PokeSav!

However, PokeSav seems to be causing an uproar anywhere in the Net. The arguing is even worse among original Pokemon D/P cartridge user as they cannot seems to tolerate with such cheating device. About 40% of the original D/P user claimed that they're afraid to trade at WFC via Wi-Fi as they scared to be trading with a hacked pokemon.

To cope with this problem, Nintendo had took step, minor step to be precise. User can only trade LEGIT pokemon among each other. Legit is pokemon that had correct information about captured location, trainer information and correct moveset that can be learned by it (egg move included). In other words, you cannot trade Raichu with Hydro Pump as one of it's moveset with another user as it will be considered as NON-LEGIT.

When Wi-Fi battling, you can still use those Pokemon which you modified by using PokeSav with one condition - All moveset, pokemon information are LEGIT. (Thanks Phx_Cyp for the info)

Pokemon Facts, or perhaps it is?

Before you read, I must clerify that the facts below are solely written by me for humor purpose. Do not take it seriously. However, if there's any reason that the fact below is correct, leave a comment here to share your thoughts.

P/S: The chronology below may also occur in your own life, :P
Around the people worldwide (regardless of age):

90% know what is Pokemon
80% played Pokemon
70% know the effective and weaknesses for each type of pokemon
60% know the right combination of moves/combo moves for their pokemon
50% know that lv 100 pokemon will always beat pokemon (which is the same type as it) with lower LV than it, which is WRONG
40% know the importance of Natures.
30% know the existance of IV, EV training
20% search the Net for Natures, IV and EV training after know that they're actually exists!
15% know the true secret behind Hidden Power
10% trying their best to find the right value for their Hidden Power
5% trying to improve their battle strategy by considering and utilizing the knowledge of Nature, IV, EV, held items, pokemon type (or dual type) and moveset.
0.5% trying to exploit weaker trainer while wi-fi battling

and that leaves only YOU, which is counted as the final 0.5% for trying to ... ?

A) Become a Pokemon Master
B) Think that Pokemon is still childish, but change your mind after figure out the secret behind Pokemon games, which is indeed a great game developed by great company. Not a game with just choosing attack, watch foes hp to drop down, or KO them
C) Waiting for the next release of Pokemon title, probably Pokemon Topaz & Garnet?
D) Trying to recall the last pokemon game you had played, experience you had gained, etc..