Pokemon Facts, or perhaps it is?

Before you read, I must clerify that the facts below are solely written by me for humor purpose. Do not take it seriously. However, if there's any reason that the fact below is correct, leave a comment here to share your thoughts.

P/S: The chronology below may also occur in your own life, :P
Around the people worldwide (regardless of age):

90% know what is Pokemon
80% played Pokemon
70% know the effective and weaknesses for each type of pokemon
60% know the right combination of moves/combo moves for their pokemon
50% know that lv 100 pokemon will always beat pokemon (which is the same type as it) with lower LV than it, which is WRONG
40% know the importance of Natures.
30% know the existance of IV, EV training
20% search the Net for Natures, IV and EV training after know that they're actually exists!
15% know the true secret behind Hidden Power
10% trying their best to find the right value for their Hidden Power
5% trying to improve their battle strategy by considering and utilizing the knowledge of Nature, IV, EV, held items, pokemon type (or dual type) and moveset.
0.5% trying to exploit weaker trainer while wi-fi battling

and that leaves only YOU, which is counted as the final 0.5% for trying to ... ?

A) Become a Pokemon Master
B) Think that Pokemon is still childish, but change your mind after figure out the secret behind Pokemon games, which is indeed a great game developed by great company. Not a game with just choosing attack, watch foes hp to drop down, or KO them
C) Waiting for the next release of Pokemon title, probably Pokemon Topaz & Garnet?
D) Trying to recall the last pokemon game you had played, experience you had gained, etc..