Typing on iPhone/iPod Touch using BlueTooth keyboard

If you have any bluetooth keyboard, you can type on your jailbroken iPhone or iPod Touch without the tiny virtual keyboard anymore!

Link : http://www.theiphoneblog.com/2009/12/26/bluetooth-keyboard-iphone-jailbreak-btstack/

Remotely control your iPhone/iPod Touch using PC

Hi guys, if you ever wondered to use your PC/Mac keyboard to type on your iPhone/iPod Touch, wait no more as there's been a way to do so.

These guide were meant to be use on a jailbroken iPhone or iPod Touch with firmware 3.0 and above. It might work with firmware below that but I doubt no one haven't upgrade theirs.

To save the hassle for reading those guides, I had listed several applications and steps you would need to do to do just that.


* Wireless Access Point (Both PC/Mac and iPhone/iPod Touch must be connected to a wireless network)
* A VNC client
* VNC server for iPhone/iPod Touch


1) Go to Cydia app and search for Veency. Download, install and restart SpringBoard when prompted to.

2) Choose and download one of the following VNC server/client programs for PC below:

UltraVNC (Free)

TightVNC (Free)

RealVNC (Free/License (Paid)

3) Once installed, launch the viewer only (your iPhone/iPod Touch will serve as VNC Server)

4) Enter your iPhone/iPod Touch Wi-Fi IP address in the host address field. You can get the IP address via Setting -> WiFi or slide the top menu bar (if you're using SBSettings)

5) Click connect. A message will prompt on your iPhone/Ipod Touch screen. Tap accept and your iPhone/iPod Touch screen will be rendered or shown on your monitor.

* If it refuses to connect by showing a message 'Failed to connect', right click on the respective Viewer program -> click 'Run as...' -> Untick 'Protect my computer and data from unauthorized program activity' or run as administrator. You should be able to connect by now.

No Wi-Fi

The following guide was meant to be use ONLY if you do not have any wireless access point. You'll need to connect your iPhone/iPod Touch to your PC/Mac via USB cable.

Use Veency and iTunnel.exe to connect without Wi-Fi

Christmas Eve & Merry Christmas

Hi fellow bloggers. I wish you and your family a very 2009 Merry Christmas! Turn off your computer now and spent time with your family and friends now.

[PC-Games] Yu-Gi-Oh! The Very Ultimate Power of Chaos

Here's the link for all 3 Yu-Gi-Oh! PC games, namely Yugi the Destiny + Kaiba the Revenge + Joey the Passion.

Link : http://tehparadox.com/forum/f43/%5Brs-com%5D-yu-gi-oh-very-ultimate-power-chaos-132766/

[Software-Crack] 4Media ISO Creator 1.0.20 build-0828

Application name: 4Media ISO Creator 1.0.20 build-0828

Serial: 4Media ISO Creator 1.0.20 build-0828

License Key : 3AD9-8C66-1B8B-861E-5185-73E7-3301-8791

Source : http://safehouse.v2.10.072.by.vietcrack.cracks.me.uk/all/?l=1&pn=3

[PSP Guide] Playing DOOM on your PSP

Just recently I suddenly got the passion to play back those games which I played during my childhood such as Chrono Trigger (SNES), Donkey Kong Country (SNES) and DOOM (PC). Gosh, those graphic and music sure brings back a lot of memories.

Well as you might probably known now, PSP is the renowned 'King of All Gadgets'. With that being said, it is clear that it is no problem at all if we throw DOOM at it.

So here's a simple guide I managed to compiled from various source on 'How to play DOOM on your PSP'. As usual, it is better for you to know some of the term before you proceed to the tutorial, just to know what's going on and which is which.

Guide on 'How to play DOOM on your PSP

Some reading (optional):

DOOM - What is Doom?

iWAD - a.k.a iD WAD. Contains all the actual maps and the graphics used to draw them. This is the same for every system. In other words, it is the original / official map released by ID Software (DOOM publisher) itself.

pWAD - a.k.a Patched WAD. Custom map packs based on iWAD. It is basically the custom map packs or mod made by DOOM fans from all over the globe. It can be Half-Life, Golden Eyes or even Mario like mods.

More Readings:

How to Download and Run DOOM?


Before you proceed, make sure you:

1) Installed CFW on your PSP with the latest or 3.xx version and above.


1) Download both DOOM 1 and DOOM 2 WAD.

* These files are the full registered version, unlike the demo which you usually found online. Quite tough for me to nail them down. But here it is.

Link (DOOM 1 iWAD)

Link (DOOM 2 iWAD)

2) Download PSP DOOM v1.4.

Link (PSP DOOM v1.4)

3) Extract PSP DOOM v1.4 into somewhere convenient, e.g Desktop. You shall see two folders.

4) Copy the folder 'DOOM' into your PSP memory stick with the following path:

Example: H:\PSP\GAME\DOOM (H: is the drive of your PSP memory stick ms0, I shall be using H: as the path for the subsequent steps)

5) Copy and paste both the WAD files you downloaded from Step1 into /DOOM/iwad.

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Path: H:\PSP\GAME\DOOM\iwad

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
6) Terminate the USB mode and navigate the XMB into Games. You shall find a game titled DOOM there.

7) To select which DOOM you like to play. Select 'File Settings' after you load the game. Select Main WAD and choose the version of DOOM you would like to play. In this case: DOOM.WAD (DOOM 1) or DOOM2.WAD (DOOM 2)

* You can choose to play those PWAD as well if you managed to download one and placed it under the 'pwad' folder.

*8) Also, please read the manual that is in the DOOM folder : PSPDoom.readme.pdf

*9) If you like to play mods such as Golden Eyes or Half Life under DOOM environment, please check the links below that contains links to download just those mods:

Just some of the PWADs

A massive collection of DOOM PWADs


There is also yet another DOOM game for PSP, DOOM Legacy (link). It does support additional features that is similar to modern FPS such as crosshair and full screen mode. The drawbacks is it does not have music (only sound effect) and does not seems to be able to render the floor for DOOM 2 well. Aside from that it would be a great DOOM homebrew games.




A couple of things you should know for Doom PSP (for those lazy to read the manual):

1) Make sure you rename the WAD files appropriately (not case sensitive) in correspondent to the game itself.

Shareware Doom WAD = doom1.wad
Registered Doom WAD = doom.wad
The Ultimate Doom WAD = doomu.wad
Doom 2 WAD = doom2.wad
Final Doom Plutonia WAD = plutonia.wad
Final Doom TNT WAD = tnt.wad

2) Control used:

Analog stick - run
D-pad - forward/back/turn
Left shoulder (LTRIGGER) - Strafe left
Right shoulder (RTRIGGER) - Strafe right
CIRCLE - Action
CROSS - Fire
START - Pause

The following controls are used when you are pressing the TRIANGLE button:

D-Pad UP - Change gamma setting
D-Pad DOWN - Toggle the detail setting
D-Pad LEFT - Previous cheat
D-Pad RIGHT - Next cheat
LTRIGGER - Previous weapon
RTRIGGER - Next weapon


Enjoy playing DOOM on your PSP!

AI Chatting Bot

Just want to share some chatting bot (A.I) here.

* Note: Use with caution.

Cleverbot - http://www.cleverbot.com/

Jabberwacky - http://www.jabberwacky.com/

NDS Roms Anti Piracy Solution

Here's a thread from RomUlation which include the solutions for several games that had issues while playing, possibly done on purpose by the developer to slow down the piracy issue.

Link : http://www.romulation.net/forum/index.php?topic=29845.0

PSP As PC Game Pad

Got a PSP but don't want to fork out extra money just to get a game pad to play games in emulators? Well here's a great solution for all of you!

I have tested them and I started to think that I'm glad to have a PSP! It does it all!

Alternative 1 - PSP as Wireless Game Pad

This tutorial will turn your PSP into a wireless game pad. Do note that your PSP must be connected wirelessly to any Access Point in order for it to work. Some installation is needed but it's pretty much self explained and simple to setup. I have come to notice that the green LED indicator blink intensively even though you are not using it. Perhaps much battery life is to be drained? Will post my result soon.

Link : http://www.psp-hacks.com/forums/f133/tutorial-turn-your-psp-into-a-wireless-gamepad-t241923/

Alternative 2 - PSP as Wired Game Pad

For this no wireless access point is needed. All you need to have is a USB connector that connect the PSP to the PC itself.

Link : http://www.qj.net/psp/homebrew-applications/psp-homebrew-fusa-gamepad-v02.html

More Nickname/Slogan Generator Sites

Here's some more websites to generate any name, simply by entering your actual name and it will generate another name for you, whether British, Mormon and even Japanese!

Seventh Sanctum - http://www.seventhsanctum.com

A great site featuring name generator for any character name. It could generate names which varies from anything that have a name, such as characters (superhero, villain), organization and anime/manga.

Mormon Name Generator - http://rumandmonkey.com/widgets/toys/mormon/index.php

What is mormon?
They're a funny old bunch, those latter day saints. Rather than picking names from their heritage, or the Bible, the Utah Mormons tend to make them up. Sometimes they'll combine the parents' names into one (BenDonna, for example). Other times it's impossible to quite understand what their parents were thinking; names like Zestpool and Zon'tl aren't uncommon.
We can understand why you might be jealous of names like these. After all, they are far more interesting and exciting than your own. Luckily, help is at hand with the Mormon Name Generator; simply indicate your first name, last name and your gender preference below, and we'll Mormonise your moniker.

Japanese Name Generator - http://rumandmonkey.com/widgets/toys/namegen/721/

Generate name in Japanese! You will be amazed and stunned with the fantastic name generated! It's in alphabet though, not in kanji or romaji/hiragana/katakana

Leet Name Generator - http://www.generator.name/leet

What is leet?

This is name generator for leet names, it will transform your real name into leet (1337) alphabet. This alphabet was born in 1990s on the internet when people invented it to avoid word filters on internet bulletin boards so they could use forbidden words.

Slogan Generator - http://www.sloganizer.net/en/

Generate any name entered into a slogan! Try it with any name, start with Egg~

Best Site

Rum and Monkey - http://rumandmonkey.com/widgets/toys/namegen/

A really cool site that includes all kinds of name generator! Also featuring many tests to kill your boredom!!

Top 100 Cool Nicknames

Tired of thinking for a cool nickname? Well here's a site which list down the top 100 cool nicknames.

Link : http://www.coolestnickname.com/top100.php

UNIX Interview Question

Here's some example of questions and solutions related to UNIX that might be asked during any job interview about UNIX.

Link : http://dev.fyicenter.com/Interview-Questions/UNIX/

GNU C Llibrary

A comprehensive guide for GNU C library.

Link : http://www.linuxselfhelp.com/gnu/glibc/html_chapter/libc_toc.html

Belief and Betrayal Walkthrough

An in-depth walkthrough for the point-and-click adventure game 'Belief and Betrayal'. Including both text and screenshots for easier navigation.

Link : http://www.gameboomers.com/wtcheats/pcBb/Belief%20and%20Betrayal/Belief%20and%20Betrayal%20walkthrough.htm

Malaysian Banks accepted by PayPal

Here's the link of a site containing all the MEPS Bank routing code for all bank available in Malaysia.

Link : http://www.malcolmwong.com/2009/10/28/malaysian-banks-accepted-by-paypal/

Some tutorial related to CheatEngine

Here's some useful tutorial on how to use Cheat Engine in depth:

Link (Cheat Engine official tutorial) : http://forum.cheatengine.org/viewtopic.php?t=26540

* This tutorial can also be found at Start > All Programs > Cheat Engine 5.x > Cheat Engine 5.x Tutorial

Link (How to create game trainer) : http://www.cheathappens.com/tut_obscure.asp?tutID=10

Full Emulator Download Link

Well here's an interesting site I stumbled upon while searching for 3DO games that contains a variety of emulators including the BIOS/Plugin if needed

Link : http://www.deejack.xpg.com.br/emul.html

Return Fire (3DO)

I still remembered playing this game while I'm still a child during primary school with my little sister. Heck we have such a wonderful time together. I still think it is the best Capture the Flag type of game until now.

Here's the original 3DO ISO image for such an amazing game.

* Note that you will need to burn it using a CD and insert it to your 3DO console, if you ever or still have it. Else, you will need a 3DO emulator such as FreeDO as posted in my earlier post to emulate it. A BIOS file is needed for the emulator in order to play this game.

Link (Return Fire 3DO ISO Image) : http://snesorama.us/board/showthread.php?t=11711

Free 3DO Emulator

Want to play retro 3DO games such as 'Return Fire' on your PC? Well you can do so by using the emulator at the link below. You will need a BIOS image in order to emulate any 3DO games though.

Link : http://freedo.org/

Here is yet another link which contain the full emulator + the BIOS file:

Link : http://www.deejack.xpg.com.br/emuladores/freedo_1_9.rar

More information about 3DO Interactive Multiplayer (or simply 3DO) can be found here.

Televison Tropes and Idioms

What is trope?

From wikipedia:
In linguistics, trope is a rhetorical figure of speech that consists of a play on words, i.e., using a word in a way other than what is considered its literal or normal form. The other major category of figures of speech is the scheme, which involves changing the pattern of words in a sentence.

Here's an interesting site which you can find tropes related to ANY movies, tv series or animation which had ever been produced.

Link : http://tvtropes.org

Questions and answers about wireless networking

Here's a useful article for everything that is related to wireless networking problem, such as frequent wireless disconnection from PC.

Link : http://www.windowsnetworking.com/articles_tutorials/Wireless-Networking-questions-answered.html

Setting up your own private server for Lineage 2 using L2J Server

Below are a compiled links of articles from L2J wiki (in case you had trouble finding it) which is essential to setup your own Lineage 2 private server. The latest expansion pack for L2 is Gracia.

Setup Preconditions

Setup Server

Modifying Host file (for windows OS)

Here's some discussion topic on how to disable GameGuard in case you have any problem with it.
GameGuard killer for Gracia Final
GG Killer (A hacking tool has been discovered)
hacking tools discovered!

Extra resources
Binary / File modification for Aion and Lineage 2
* Important site to visit if you have any problem troubleshooting L2J server.

Hosting your own GameGuard server for Lineage 2 Private Server running L2J Server

Here's a brief guide on how to install your own GameGuard (GG) server for Lineage 2 running L2J Server. By doing so you can play Lineage 2 offline without any internet access which is previously needed to connect to the official GG server.

Link : http://www.l2jserver.com/trac/wiki/GameGuard

A little glimpse into Cybercrime

Before the advent of Internet the crime that most people are concerned about was real-world crime which can be read on everyday newspaper. It is only after the Internet was created only that the term cybercrime appears. It is a crime which is far worst than real-world crime as there is no geographic or time boundary. No physical equipment is also required. What it requires is a computer, a skilled professional human and an access to the Internet. It's all that it takes.

Below are a compiled list of the types of cybercrime that people should generally aware of.

Cybercrime Organization

Introduction to Cybercrime:
From Symantec (Norton)

Types of Cybercrime


Article or News related to cybercrime
From ZDNet
What are the real risks of cyberterrorism?

Picking a nice name for your game character

Ever wondered how you can name your character in a meaningful way in which the name you choose could has its meaning for each language that represent the physical appearance for your character? Well here are some sites which is useful for you to ponder and choose the best name that suit your character play style, either a fighter, wizard or other:

Meaningful Names from Bertram's Blog



* Recommended:

Features a great website layout for easier navigation.

i5 vs i7

A hot discussion had arise for both i5 versus i7. Here's some discussion topics which I managed to mine and compiled from Google that is useful if you're having a dilemma between those.

Before you proceed the reading it is important that you understand the following terms:

Central Processing Unit (CPU)

CPU Socket



Optional reading:

Instruction Set

Important facts that you should know about i5 and i7:

Both i5 and i7:
  • Uses 45 nm (nanometer) technology node.
  • Produced from 2009.
  • Using the code name of Lynnfield, Arrandale and Clarkdale as the name for the microprocessor.
  • Using either one of these sockets, LGA-1156 or LGA-1366.
  • Using the code name of Bloomfield, Lynnfield, Clarksfield and Arrandale (unreleased yet) for the microprocessor. Some of these code name differs from the terms of power consumption, L3 cache size and socket used. The later code name consume less power than its predecessor.

Introduction to i5:
From InsideHW:

Introduction to i5 and i7:
From PC Games Hardware

Discussion Topic on Comparison between i5 and i7
From Tom's Hardware:

Discussion Topic on Comparison between i5 and i7 and socket (LGA1156 vs LGA1366)
From Guru3D Forum:

Forum Discussion - Gaming Discussion on i5 or i7
i7-860 or -i7-920 rig for gaming?
i5 gaming rig, is it good?
i7 gaming rig

2 Greatest PC Adventure games of all time!

What defines a solid good pure adventure game. And by pure I meant an adventure game without action or any moves which you'll need to perform ON TIME in order to play it, e.g: Tomb Raider or Resident Evil. Typical adventure games element include the following elements which is essential:

  • Full voice dialogue and sound quality without any sound compression, a.k.a loss-less format such as PCM.
  • Some of the dialogue must have humor element within it. Partial humor is enough. Exceesive use of humor within the dialog might spoil the game by a huge par.
  • The voice acting skills must be good, the pitch and tone plays a vital role here.
  • No pressure of time during the play through.
  • There is no time limit throughout the game play.
  • Contains puzzle element which requires the player to solve it before proceeding further to the story. The puzzle cannot be too complex though which might discourage player to solve it.
  • Element of surprise and anticipation. Example, player might acquire certain item that might seems useless at the moment of acquisition, but might prove useful at the later part of the story.
  • Last but not least, a perfect and well-flow story line.
Some might argue that superb 3-D graphic is definitely an important element that cannot be left out in any games. I doubt it is true for every game. The two of the greatest adventure game which I shall reveal later is a perfect example on how graphic DOES NOT need to be on par with that of Crysis in order to be an outstanding adventure game.

You might heard it or not. Here are 2 of the greatest adventure genre game of all time for PC.

1) The Longest Journey

2) Siberia

It's a shame that there is no any adventure games being developed after 2000 YET that can be on par with the aforementioned masterpiece.

Remove the perfect Keylogger that might be hiding in your computer

Have you ever wondered that everything you typed on your computer at the moment you boot into your Operating System could be saved in a log file and sent over to third party without your consent? Well this is no longer a false alarm as such cases had indeed happen since who know when.

Try and read the article on the link below for a complete removal of such key logger, if there is one.

Link : http://forum.cheatengine.org/viewtopic.php?t=193064

Playing old/new games on Widescreen AR

I guess it's all about widescreen gaming now. Unfortunately for older game released before 2007 wide screen was not the norm as it were now and most of those games just support native 4:3 aspect ratio. To play those games in Wide screen format you'll need to tweak their configuration file (eg: setup.ini).

Confirmed solution for games that does not support widescreen format (AR of 16:9 or 16:10) can be found at the following site: Just a slight tweak and you will be able to play those games at widescreen, such as Red Alert 2!

Link : http://www.widescreengamingforum.com/forum/viewforum.php?f=32&sid=8bad311b6483b56ac615dcdb83b361a3

Cheat Engine

Tired of playing games the normal way? Want to find the God Mode for a game? Or maybe speed up your game, such as Flash game? Wonder how people create game Trainer? Well the answer for those is here at CheatEngine:
Link: http://www.cheatengine.org/
* Note: Most online game will automatically exit when you open CheatEngine before hand. To use CheatEngine for those online game you’ll need to bypass their security software first, eg: X-Trap, GameGuard, etc.

Google Public DNS

Instead of using your ISP DNS server IP address, you can use Google DNS instead such as follows:
So why go all the hassle and use Google DNS instead, well, some people had claimed that their browsing speed to certain sites had improved. There is no need to use it if your browsing speed is decent enough though.
Link: http://code.google.com/intl/en/speed/public-dns/docs/using.html

What is '1337' or 'leet'

You might seen the word ‘1337′ numerous time in some online game forum and notice that people posting their IMBA (imbalance) equipment with unusually good options or status there. Well here’s something you should know about it if you want people recognized you as a gamer. Seems interesting enough when you get to know the word.
Definition: 1337, and its other spelling, leet, is a hacker term from the days of Windows 95. It is used to say “elite”, or just “leet” for short.
Leet comes from the mid 1990’s when an infamous hacker group would use the digital port numbered 31337 to take remote control of Windows 95 computers. The port 31337 came to be known as the “elite” port, with the jargon spelling using numbers.
To this day, 1337 and leet are used to describe very serious Internet gamers with a high level of skill. It is considered a negative connotation, and is still associated with hacking.
Related terms to leet: hax0r, chixor, 3ber, epeen, r0×0r. These hacker-type terms were originally purposely spelled with numbers to avoid censorship programs. Today, the numeric spelling is used as a form of subculture and expressiveness.
Source: http://netforbeginners.about.com/od/l/g/leet.htm

It's been so long

Woah~ I can't believe that it's near the end of 2009 already and my last post was on January! I'm not a typical blogger and I mostly keep things to my mind. XD

Guess that's gonna change for now. From now on I'll try to blog whatever new things I found, experienced or knew here at this blog.

New Twitter User

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