i5 vs i7

A hot discussion had arise for both i5 versus i7. Here's some discussion topics which I managed to mine and compiled from Google that is useful if you're having a dilemma between those.

Before you proceed the reading it is important that you understand the following terms:

Central Processing Unit (CPU)

CPU Socket



Optional reading:

Instruction Set

Important facts that you should know about i5 and i7:

Both i5 and i7:
  • Uses 45 nm (nanometer) technology node.
  • Produced from 2009.
  • Using the code name of Lynnfield, Arrandale and Clarkdale as the name for the microprocessor.
  • Using either one of these sockets, LGA-1156 or LGA-1366.
  • Using the code name of Bloomfield, Lynnfield, Clarksfield and Arrandale (unreleased yet) for the microprocessor. Some of these code name differs from the terms of power consumption, L3 cache size and socket used. The later code name consume less power than its predecessor.

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