[Tutorial] Enable network connection in Android x86 4.0 ICS using VirtualBox

If you're an Android developer like me, you'll come to hate the sluggish performance of the emulator that came bundled with the SDK. So you try to install Android x86 as a VM in Virtual Box. Things work out pretty good and there's no more annoyance of the slow down. But one thing that you'll realize fast enough is THERE IS NO NETWORK CONNECTION! Googling for this and you'll come across to many workaround, which you might find it not working.

Following the instruction below to get the network connection working in Android x86 4.0 RC (eecpc version) on VirtualBox.

Installing DLCs for Final Fantasy Theatrhythm (iOS)

If you were a FF fan like me, I believe you will feel happy when realizing that FF Theatrhythm was released on AppStore for Free. However, the developer had a plan behind that move, which is by implementing the dreaded DLC which will surely rip off your wallet unless you are uber rich. Purchasing all the songs will cost you more than twice the amount that you can pay for a 3DS version for similar game. Compared to the original release for 3DS, the iOS port has the RPG element removed. However it is compensented by offering several lengthly songs not available for the 3DS version, such as One-Winged Angel from FFVII: Advert Children.

Luckily there was a Thailand guy that had cracked all the DLCs and kind enough to share it with the rest of the world. Follow the instructions below to download the DLCs at zero $!

[Tutorial] How to port forward in VMware Fusion 5

1. Edit the NAT configuration file.

$ sudo vi "/Library/Preferences/VMware Fusion/vmnet8/nat.conf"'
[incomingtcp] 3128 = 

E.g. I want to forward the client request from port 3128 into a web server running on VM using port 3128.

Typically you will need to restart the VM for the effect to take changes. Another solution is just restarting the NAT service by executing the following command:

sudo "/Applications/VMware Fusion.app/Contents/Library/vmnet-cli" [--stop|--start]