Installing DLCs for Final Fantasy Theatrhythm (iOS)

If you were a FF fan like me, I believe you will feel happy when realizing that FF Theatrhythm was released on AppStore for Free. However, the developer had a plan behind that move, which is by implementing the dreaded DLC which will surely rip off your wallet unless you are uber rich. Purchasing all the songs will cost you more than twice the amount that you can pay for a 3DS version for similar game. Compared to the original release for 3DS, the iOS port has the RPG element removed. However it is compensented by offering several lengthly songs not available for the 3DS version, such as One-Winged Angel from FFVII: Advert Children.

Luckily there was a Thailand guy that had cracked all the DLCs and kind enough to share it with the rest of the world. Follow the instructions below to download the DLCs at zero $!

1. Grab the link here:

2. SSH into your iOS devices and find the folder for the game under the /private/var/mobile/Applications directory.

* Since the folders are named using a unique ID such as 0BE5D130-0EDF-4A42-B287-3BAD56C7575B, you might find it difficult to find the correct folder. You can do this in either the quick or slow way.

Slow way: Open each of the folder until you see
Quick way: Removing the game from your device and then re-intall it. After that sort the folders by Date. The folder for the game should now be located at the top.

3. After pinpointing the folder, copy all the files from the downloaded archive into each of the directory.

4. Make sure that you change the group owner to mobile instead of root after copying for all of the folders copied. This is to make sure that your game progress will be saved when you exit the game.


Why my game progress for Final Fantasy Theatrhythm did not save whenever I quit the game?
It is because you haven't set the correct group owner for the DLCs files. Follow step 4 to solve this problem.



When i start the game, i have to put a name in so i do that. And then I scroll through the pages of the toutorial and then klick on practice to continue and then it just sais now loading... ;( game still runnig cause of mooving bird but it just loads and loads and loads. Since i cant check at iapphacks anymore because ir shut down, I would apreciate any help. Thanks


works for me mostly.but with some songs such as jenova it will crash ...


Unfortunately the putlocker downlink is down :( Would you be so kind to reupload it to a new place? Much appreciated.


any update on this?


any update on this?


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