Setting Up Playstation 3 Controller and Qanba Q4 RAF Arcade Stick on RetroPie

Although RetroPie support some of the hotkeys for joypads right out of the box, I decided to modify it to include the commonly used hotkeys. Also I found that the default joypad configuration for the Qanba maps the button incorrect.

Mapping X-Arcade TankStick to Multiple Emulators (AHK Script)

Since the TankStick is recognized as Keyboard input device here is a script that allows you to use it with a wide variety of emulators.

You may also find similar topic in HyperSpin official thread here. *Require premium member privilege to view*

An Overview of Arcade Parts and My Arcade Purchase/Modding Experience

This is a quick write-ups on my journey of getting know more about arcade parts. As time goes I will be attempting to perform better mods for my arcade parts.

Qanba Q4 RAF Thorough Review From An Arcade Stick Newbie!

The Qanba Q4 RAF Ice Red Limited Edition (with frosted finish)

This is a thorough review of the Qanba Q4 RAF arcade sticks (and a partial comparison writeups with the X-Arcade TankStick) from someone with little to no arcade playing experience. I pretty much live my childhood and teenage life with a Sony Playstation controller, either on console or PC. Yes I played ALL PC games using my trusty PS controller using the MotionInJoy software, or DS3Tool! It's very natural for me to pick up a controller and start playing virtually any games possible. Using the arcade sticks ought to be a very unique gaming experience to me, to say the very least!