ZSNES - Alternative SNES Emulator than Snes9X

Here's another SNES Emulator I found from a forum thread today. Haven't try it out yet but the words had it that it might surpass the Snes9x emulator.

Link : http://www.zsnes.com/

Controliling PC/Console Emulator Games via iPhone/iPod Touch

Here's a good iPhone/iPod Touch app that can turn your iPhone/iPod Touch into a wireless gaming controller for PC or console emulator. Too bad I prefer physical button.

Link : http://www.wifipad.com

Streaming Video from your PC (Media Server) to your iPhone/iPod Touch

There are basically two popular streaming media server such as TVersity and Air Video Server (AVS). However, I choose to use AVS as it support conversion ON-THE-FLY. In other words, you can stream and watch the video without needing to wait for the conversion to be completed. I believe AVS is the only media server so far that support such functionality. I didn't experience any lagging at all when running on Wireless G signal and AVS is running on Intel Core 2 Duo laptop.

Link for Air Video Server.

You'll also need to download AVS app for iPhone/iPod Touch from iTunes Store after installing AVS on your PC/MAC. There are both free and paid version of the app. The free version only allow a maximum of 4 videos to be shown on the list.

However if you wanted to try TVersity you can read the guide here.

Streaming Music from foobar2k to your iPhone/iPod Touch

In order to stream music from foobar2k to your iPhone or iPod Touch. There are several things that need to be installed.

Below is my setup:
foobar2k v1.0
iPod Touch 2nd generation running firmware 3.0
Windows 7 Professional

Setup UPnP Server for foobar2k v1.0
  1. Download foo_upnp component from foobar2k official component page here.
  2. Upon extraction, copy foo_upnp into your foobar2k component directory. Eg: C:\Program Files\foobar2k\components
  3. Start foobar2k and go to the Preference page. The setting for UPNP component is located under Tools -> UPnP.
Purchase and download Plug Player from iTunes Store for $4.99.
* Despite many people giving unsatisfying comment about the app, it works just fine for me. None issue encountered. It works out of the box.
  1. After downloading it, simply launch the app and select 'foobar2000 Media Server' from the Select a Media Server section.
That's it! Now you can stream your music library directly from your foobar2k to your iPhone/iPod Touch.


If you wish to edit the layout of the 'Browse' list in Plug Player, simply read the documentation here.

5 N1 Phone to grab by mixing song

There are 5 Nexus One Android phone to be won. Simply create and mix your own tunes in the following website now:


[Link] Some site to start learning Morse Code

Here's some site that you could visit to start impressing your friend - Morse Code. I learnt it within 3 hours LOL!