High-Res Video Game Artbook and Guidebook

Check the following links for Video Game Artbook and Guidebook in high resolution:



Nice DSP plugin for Dolby Headphone user (foobar2k)

If you own a pair of Dolby Headphone you might want to enable this DSP.


Nice DS

Enable TAK playback on foobar2k

Here's the plugin to enable the TAK file playback on foobar2k.


foobar2k Plugins

XChange 3.6 - foobar2k v1.0 skin

Here's the skin I'm currently using for my foobar2k v1.0 running under Windows 7 x86. Thanks Br3tt for this amazing skin.

Forum Link

Full file list

The Best of Android Apps

Here's a site which features the best android app out there. It definitely comes in handy for those who are just starting to use Android OS or switch from other mobile OS.

Link : http://101bestandroidapps.com/

Linus Tolvalds Blogspot

How many of us know that Linus Tolvalds is using Blogspot? Well perhaps you do but I just knew today LOL! And it seems like he's using Nexus One too!!

Link : http://torvalds-family.blogspot.com

XBMC - A completely unique home theater experience

Do you own a massive collection of HD or DVD movies downloaded from the Internet? Do you properly organized all your movie collection by putting them in a folder tidy and neat? Tired of Media Player Classic, RealPlayer or WMP? Want to show to others how unique you are to others by using software that is not commonly used by others? And most importantly, do you want to show off your amazing collection in a unique sense of way that will just do the 'WOW' factor?

P/S: You would probably like it if you are a huge fan of alternative software that is used and known only by a small community of user which is mostly geeks who just want to be unique in another way. E.g: Foobar2k, Linux, Android OS.

If the answer to the aforementioned question is YES, then I believe you are ready to get yourself aquantained with XBMC, short for XBox Media Center. (Official site)

The coolest thing about it is you can customize it according to your need. Browse through your movie gallore and watch them in a totally unique way that you had never seen before. Forget the traditional way of opening a movie file of going to Windows Explorer -> Disk drive -> Folder -> double click on a movie file. Believe me, your movie watching experience will start with XBMC.

Worried about the trouble you might need to go through to customize the skin? Don't worry, installing skin is easy. Simply download a skin you like from their official site here. Extract the zip file directly to the /skin folder under the XBMC directory. It's a snap!

All movie information can be fetch automatically from various site such as IMDB and TV.COM.

XBMC does not only manage movie, it can manage TV shows, music and pictures as well. Perfectly fitting it's fuction as the full-fledged home theater software.

Heres a skin called Transparency! which I'm using as my main theme for XBMC:

Home Screen

Movie Library

Movie Information

Now Playing

Feeling impressive? Go download it now!!

Updated thought on my purchase for Nexus One

Before I proceed further, it is suffice to say that if I haven't heard of HTC Desire I would have owning Nexus One (N1) by now.

Here's some features offered by Desire which could not been found on N1:

HTC Sense UI (updated with Android 2.1)
I couldn't resist the elegant and simplified look of Sense UI by HTC. Every menu is accessible easily and it really make Android 2.1 shine. Personally I like the dial pad white-ish skin and the bottom screen menu (<>). It will definitely make me easier to call someone without needing to go to the home screen and click on the Phone app.

Although it's just a matter of time before someone will port the Sense UI ROM over N1, it's just feels good to own a Desire as it's the native ROM. Definitely great for Android beginner like me who doesn't want to void the warranty by rooting and flashing the ROM.

Physical accessible button at the bottom of the device
N1 had several issue with it's non-responsive touch sensitive button located at the bottom of the screen. Some user claimed that one will need to tap upper middle from those button for the tap to be detected. I do prefer physical button as it provide me a tactile feel like I had actually press on something.

RAM (576MB over 512 MB)
Now that's 64MB difference. Don't think that it's just a small amount of RAM. Those 64MB could determine the performance of your phone when running multiple app on the background.

FM Radio Transmitter
Well I seldom listening to radio but I suppose it might comes in handy for some people without the need to purchase any additional FM transmitter.

Optical touch button
HTC claimed that it should provide more accurate pinpointing while using it compared to N1 physical trackball. I do prefer it as it won't attract dust after prolonged use compared to the trackball.

Now here's what N1 got and Desire lack:

Growing LED on the trackball
The LED will grow in different color based on several different notification such as unread SMS message, unread email and miss calls. Nothing big deal for me as I won't be paying much attention to it while it's on my pocket anyway. Notification sound would suffice.

1 noise-canceling mic
Too bad Desire is lacking it. Perhaps the built-in primary mic on Desire could perform noise-canceling effect as well as processing voice?

Well after watching several videos and reading some reviews about N1 and Desire, I guess I would definitely wait for HTC Desire. March/April shouldn't be farther away from now isn't it?

[Link] Smartphones News Site

Android OS-based Phones


[Link Compilation] Mobile Phone Review Site

In the past few days I had done intensive research on smartphones as I'm going to upgrade mine from Motorola (couldn't even tell which model it belongs to LOL) bought in 2006. I had a few choices wandering in my mind:

Google Nexus One (N1)
Motorola Droid (or Milestone in Europe / Asia)
HTC Touch Pro 2
HTC Hero
Nokia N900
Nokia N95

But after doing the research my choice had narrowed to N1. Here's why:
Droid - Too bulky. You'll need to use your thumbnail in order to use the physical QWERTY. It's pretty hard to thumbling considering the almost flat keys and the limited space between each key.

HTC Touch Pro 2 & HD 2 - Simple. It's using Windows Mobile 6.5.

HTC Hero - The curving at the bottom of the phone where it is supposed to make the voice clearer when you talk as the mic is there.

Nokia N900 & 95 - Not so into Meabo OS.


Enough of those nonsense, here's some of the site which I found to be very useful for searching any reviews for any mobile smartphone you might have in mind:


GSM Arena



Here's a couple of product review from those sites:

Google Nexus One

TechRadar | DownloadSquad | HTCPhones | BGR | Ubergizmo

Discussion Forum


HTC Hero
Specification (GSM Arena)

GSM Arena




Phone Comparison

Will HTC Desire replace Nexus One?

[Link] Great Download links for applications and games

Here's a treat for you guys. Definitely a great site to download all those popular Applications and PC games you would ever wanted. What's good about it is all games and applications will DEFINITELY runned on your PC upon installation.

Links are in Megaupload, Rapidshare or both.

Link : http://www.egydown.com/