Happy Tree Friends Free Download!

Holy Smoke!! It's been past 5 months already since I last update my entry here. Sorry for those who keep on tracking my blog. @.@

There's a main reason that doesn't allow me to update my blog regularly. Lack of Wi-Fi access around my campus. The administrator is trying to setup the Wi-Fi access throughout the campus area. I'm just crossing my finger for the completion.

For those Happy Tree Friends fans out there, who wants to download the episodes into their PC or mobile phone, instead of just watching them ONLINE from their official site, I bring a great news for you!

I had found a website that updated REGULARLY, synchronized with the official site where you can download, YES, DOWNLOAD the entire HTF episodes and other goodies directly into your PC. The file format is purely .SWF, so their file size is relatively SMALL, yet their quality is maintained at the highest. Can't complain much about the speed either. I can get 50kbps via a 1MBPS ADSL line connection.

There's a downside though. The site is in, erm, denmark? You'll need to register an account there before you can download their files. Thankfully their registration form is quite easy and familiar, just like the English forum. Just fill in necessary part, activating your account and Voila, you can download and enjoy the HTF episodes with all your pleasure. No more online streaming...!

FYI, I'm now trying to get myself a 160GB iPod Classic for my music pleasure. Hopefully I can find one at the retail store near Malacca. Adios!

Oops, almost forgot about the link!