Using Final Cut Pro X to import and export video for stream (YouTube)

Final Cut Pro X is very choosy when it comes to importing media, and most often you might in a situation where you need to convert your media into FCP friendly format, such as .avi.

This guide will teach you to:
  • Convert 'non FCP-friendly' videos into 'friendly' videos using MPEG Streamclip.
  • Create a template in Compressor using x264Encoder and complies with YouTube video upload standard.

Quick Start Guide for Using Dolphin (Wii Emulator)


Who should read this guide?

This guide should serve as a quick pointer for first time Dolphin user.

A couple of things you should know about Dolphin:
  • Previously Dolphin had used the subversion numbering, e.g. Dolphin r7990. In the recent months the developer had switched to git numbering, resulting in a release name such as Dolphin 3.0-458. Higher number means latest version.
  • You might find that some games are playable on a certain version, yet unplayable with the subsequent/later versions. So always choose the best version to play the games. For example, Rhythm Heaven Fever will only playble on older version of Dolphin.
  • There are a couple of games that require a customized or patched Dolphin version to play properly. E.g. Xenoblade Chronicles.
  • To check whether a game is compatible to play in Dolphin, check out their Wiki for a list of compatible Wii games. This list will also contains the issue that the games are having and workarounds for fixing it.

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The Ultimate Guide to Download Like a PRO from File Hosts (Part 3)

Finally we are at the final part of this tutorial.

In this final part you will learn to:
  • Understand the concept of 'free premium account'.
  • Know reliable sites to search for free premium account that actually works.
  • Add premium account username and password in IDM.
  • Add and use premium account cookies.

Steps after the break.

The Ultimate Guide to Download Like a PRO from File Hosts (Part 2)

Welcome to the second part of the tutorial on how to download like a PRO from various FileHosting sites.

In this part of the tutorial you will learn the following:
  • Know your download manager in terms of user interface, settings, and tweaks.
  • Customizing your download manager to suit your preference (e.g. internet speed, download behaviour).

Without further ado, let's introduce you to two of the widely used and versatile download manager - Internet Download Manager (IDM) and JDownloader.

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The Ultimate Guide to Download like a PRO from File Hosts (Part 1)

Internet is truly an amazing place. What is not to love about it when it is free? However with these vast information it is hard to find the files (be it movie, music, tv series, or what not) that you wanted to search.

This tutorial will guide you to search for files and download them as effective as possible. It will not cover the torrents.

This tutorial will be divided into 3 parts, which each parts covering different section.

In this part of the tutorial you will learn the following:
  • Know where to search as well as getting familiarize with each selected sites.
  • Know how to use a search query that is concise to nail your search.

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Bandicam - A competitive game video capture software

Many have complaint that the crack for the latest version of Bandicam (v1.7.5 onwards) didn't work as expected. Or if it had somehow worked but the watermark is still present in the recorded video even after applying the crack. So I had decided to upload the one that I had used and really does work.

Although the version that I uploaded is from the older version (v1.7.1.133), but I couldn't see any major changes when compared to the latest version. At least the video doesn't have the watermark on it after crack.

Watermark on the recorded video even after applying the crack

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Fatal Frame 4 Ghosts Image Gallery

Well here is the Image Gallery for the Ghosts (that I had unlocked during my first playthrough) in Fatal Frame 4.

Fatal Frame 4 - Result

Here is my game result after spending nearly 12 hours.

Not bad for my first attempt, if I do say so myself. For the record I never spent a single point in the shop. The ranking is solely based on clear time.
More unlockables after the break.

Fatal Frame 4 - Normal Ending (Screenshots)

Screenshots taken from the Normal Ending.

I guess the picture is self-explanatory.

Fatal Frame 4 - The Final Chapter (Screenshot Storytelling)

Screenshots taken throughout Chapter 12.

Warning: Heavy image load.  

Chapter 12

Finally reaching the final chapter.

More screenshots taken from Fatal Frame 4

More screenshots taken from Fatal Frame 4 just to kill some time.

Chapter 9 - Ruka


Looks more like zombie than ghosts to me.

What's with all these stairs.

More screenshots after the break.

Fatal Frame 3 vs Fatal Frame 4 - A brief comparison

Having play through both Fatal Frame 3: The Tormented (PS2) and Fatal Frame 4: Mask of the Lunar Eclipse (Wii), I got the huge urge to write a quick article about these two amazing horror game that are unique in its own style. This article will mainly discusses about the differences between these two great games as well as improvements in FF4 than its predecessor.

The term 'Ghosts' are referred in both series. Some might refer this as 'Spirit'.
Fatal Frame 3 is abbreviated as FF3 and the same goes for Fatal Frame 4 (FF4)


Theme / Background Setting

FF3: The central theme behind Fatal Frame 3 is the old japanese kind of shrine and wooden manor. You will find yourself exploring these buildings in your dream.

FF4: Unlike the third series that took place in traditional and typical shrine, this latest series took place in a more modern setting where we are most probably born - Hospital.

How to connect/pairing wiimote with PC for Dolphin

Today my purchase of original Wiimote Motion (Black), original Nunchunk (Black) and wireless sensor bar had arrived at my doorstep. Noticed how I use the work Original as I intend to use it with the dolphin emulator. Using third party wiimote might not work in high chance. This guide was created following my successful attempt on pairing it with my PC.

I had tested it with games such as Wii Sports Resort, Legend of Zelda Skyward Sword, Fatal Frame IV and they all work perfectly.

More shots and guide after the break.