More screenshots taken from Fatal Frame 4

More screenshots taken from Fatal Frame 4 just to kill some time.

Chapter 9 - Ruka


Looks more like zombie than ghosts to me.

What's with all these stairs.

More screenshots after the break.

Dead end. Duh.

Crawling through the tunnels. Surprisingly there are no rats.

Entering the Rougetsu Tunnels.

Patterns on the wall.

Another stairs that leads deeper into the tunnel.

Here I go.

Um statue?

Me with my trusty companion - Flashlight.

Another statue.

Bridge with something like sword sticking out on it.

This sure looks familiar. Never thought to see this underneath the tunnels though.

Look, another set of stairs! Ain't this exciting?

So here is where the tunnels end. The Lunar Hall.

Central altar where Kaguro Dance is performed.

Moonlit night.

Some closer shot on the center stage.

A video recorder. Looks like it is used to record the Kaguro Dance.

5 shrine maiden and a Utsuku.

Little Ruka.

At the end of the Kaguro Dance, everyone dies. And here I am, just standing there.

Alright, so I suppose this is where she will suddenly stand up...

... Ah, just as what I had expected.

Moon of Sacrificial Hall. Nice candlelit.


Gigantic mask hanging on top of the ceiling.

Another puzzle? Well I pass.

Closer shot on the mouth. Nothing interesting here.

The place where my father used to work with the mask.


A mask on the center of the miniature shrine. Is there any meaning of this?

Close-up shot on the mask.

One of the mask hanging on the wall.

I guess the moonlight couldn't shrine through here.

End of Chapter 9

Chapter 10

Previously on Chapter 7.

Chapter 10 - Lingering Cherry Blossom.

Ah, exactly where I left off previously, staring at a painting.

A great place to paint.

Hmm so there is nothing special about this painting after all.

Look at my painting! Geez who am I kidding.

Re-entering Madoka's Room. Nothing interesting here.

Again, nothing interesting.

Doll with broken head, same like before.

Is this the same woman from the painting I saw in the room before?

Five shrine maidens. Wish I could meet them.

Hmm I think I saw this wheelchair on 2F before. Who pushes it here?

Ruka's room.

This is where Ruka's mother Sayaka sat before.

Ruka's piano. Wish I could see Ruka's playing it now.


Courtyard. I sense some trouble ahead.

So my instinct was right!

A swimming pool with moon reflection. Sorry folks, no ghosts under the water.

Changing room.


Entering the electric room, again.

Someone seemed to touch the panel.


Something is shining..

Yea right.