Fatal Frame 4 - The Final Chapter (Screenshot Storytelling)

Screenshots taken throughout Chapter 12.

Warning: Heavy image load.  

Chapter 12

Finally reaching the final chapter.

What's outside the window?
Is this... my next destination?

Will I meet my father beyond this door?

What's a lighthouse without a light?

Is that light coming from the moon?

The table where my father used to craft mask.

Nice collection.



A door that was revealed after moving the altar.

Take a moment to keep up with the pace. Whew.

These masks seems.. unfinished?

A pair of fully crafted masks hanging on the wall.

A tunnel behind the room.

Wait for me...

She left.

Continuing descending the staircase.

A door!

Nothing awaits in front.

Going deeper and deeper into the tunnel. There's no turning back now.

Stalagmite. Figures.

*heart pondering.
Tight spot. Should I crawl over?

I guess up to this point I will have no other choice but to crawl over. Oh well.

No rats nor bats.

Now to clear up the dust.

Gulp. What is this sinister feeling?
Continuing forward.

A metal door..? Under a tunnel?
What's with all these charms?

Ruka's Father: So you find me at last.

Another path that leads to ...

... a beach.
It's windy here.

Nicely piled up stone.

Something in the middle of the ocean.

Okay no more sightseeing. Let's see what that cave leads to. Things sure are getting more and more interesting here.

So this cave leads to a lighthouse.

Shot time.

A door.

The final door that I will open.

The dreaded spiral staircase. *There are also similar spiral staircase in the final chapter of Fatal Frame 3 to the Abyss before facing Reika, except it leads downwards.

*pant *pant.

These staircase seemed endless.
Recalling something at the middle of ascending the staircase.


I'm getting interested to know what is behind the mask.

I guess this is the middle part.

When will these staircase ends?!

Father, is that you, again?
This time I will end you.
Spoil from the battle.

Touching the final piece of the mask seemed to piece it automagically.

Look! I'm almost at the top!
I guess this is it.

Cloudy night.

Are those houses?

Why are the windows broken? Well it is none of my concern here.

Mother?! Am I glad to see you here.

I guess the final battle is up ahead.

Lunar eclipse.


A grand piano.

Guess I will have to kill her to get to the piano over there.

Well that was easy.

Okay time for some shot.

Triple layer keyboard.

*** END of Final Chapter ***