How to connect/pairing wiimote with PC for Dolphin

Today my purchase of original Wiimote Motion (Black), original Nunchunk (Black) and wireless sensor bar had arrived at my doorstep. Noticed how I use the work Original as I intend to use it with the dolphin emulator. Using third party wiimote might not work in high chance. This guide was created following my successful attempt on pairing it with my PC.

I had tested it with games such as Wii Sports Resort, Legend of Zelda Skyward Sword, Fatal Frame IV and they all work perfectly.

More shots and guide after the break.

Some shots to begin.

Wiimote Plus and Nunchunk (Black) Box
Wiimote Plus Black with Jacket
Nunchunk Black
Wiimote Plus and Nunchunk (Black)
Wireless Sensor Bar (modded from Wired Sensor Bar RVL-009)

USB Bluetooth Dongle (Generic)

- Bluetooth USB Dongle (generic one will do)
- Wiimote / Wiimote Motion Plus / Nunchunk

1. Plug in Bluetooth USB dongle to your PC.

2. Windows should automatically install a Generic Bluetooth Adapter. View in on Device Manager.
 *If windows could not detect the driver, e.g. Unknown Device, it is likely that the device is broken. I had experienced the same problem with one of my dongle (out of the box) while the other similar one work just fine.

3. A bluetooth icon should be displayed in your taskbar. Right click on it and tick the first box 'Allow other devices to see this computer'.

4. Press button 1 and 2 on your wiimote simulataneously. You do not need to keep it pressed. Just make sure all four blue LEDs are blinking (signifies Discovery mode).

5. After a while the device name RVL-CNT-01 should appear in the list. Click next and in seconds the device would have paired up successfully.

Personal Note
Step 5 didn't work for me. The RTL-CNT-01 name didn't appear in the list, instead a generic 'input device' does. Click 'next' always prompt out a failed to pair problem because of time out problem. At first I suspect it is because of the discovery timeout problem. But the light remain blinking. So it could probably be the driver problem.

1. Download IVT BlueSoleil here. I'm using Version 8.0.376.0.

2. After installation, you should see your Generic Bluetooth Adapter had been replaced with CSR Bluetooth Device.

Along with a new light blue colored bluetooth icon in your taskbar.

3. Double click on the bluetooth icon or open BlueSoleil Space shortcut on your Desktop.

4. The following screen should appear. For now the bluetooth should stay in idle/disable mode. Double click the orange sun image at the center to enable it. Alternatively, right click on it and select 'Turn on Bluetooth'.

Double click it to turn on Bluetooth or...

.. Right click and click 'Turn on Bluetooth' menu option

5. At this point click button 1 and 2 on your wiimote simulatneously for it to detect. Make sure all of the four blue LEDs are blinking.

6. Voila, it had detected the wiimote succesfully!

7. Right click on the wiimote icon and select 'Connect Bluetooth Interface Device'.

8. Now open up your Dolphin emulator and select Wiimote.

9. Select 'Real Wiimote' under the drop down menu then click Refresh. You will experience a slight vibration coming from your wiimote. If so, that means the pairing is success.

10. Now fire up any wii games and enjoy using your wiimote!

After a while an additional dialog from BlueSoleil would prompt out saying that the evaluation mode had finished blah blah. Afterwards you won't be able to connect your wiimote with it since the bluetooth will no longer work. Use any of the following serial to activate it (require Internet access).






XBXXNDSHZU2PJGV7CJVHG3W8H <-- I am using this one.


Q: I had previously uninstalled BlueSoleil and decided to reinstall again. At one point when I click next in the Setup wizard nothing shows up, though task manager is showing multiple msiexec.exe running.
A: To solve this problem, you may need to invoke msiexec manually. Open up 'cmd' and 'cd' into the directory of BlueSoleil installation and execute the following command:
msiexec -i BlueSoleilAMD64.msi


Awesome awesome awesome dude! Just trying to get my Wiimote working with dolphin and my damn bluesoleil dongle. Turned out I just needed the latest version of bluesoleil! Thanks so much for this!


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