Essential plugins for foobar2k user

Being an all-time foobar2k (foobar2000) fans, I had decided to list out some of the useful plugins for any newbie who had finally ditched . Many people often turned away from foobar just because it is 'ugly' when launching it for the first time. What they DIDN'T know is that it is simply the most advanced media player ever built. Period. Almost every audiophiles on the planet uses it. I didn't bluff you, go to the forum which hosted foobar2k ( and see for yourself. 

Among the features of foobar2k are:
  • Tight integration with via plugin. Audio scrobbing supported via foo_audioscrobber plugin.
  • Control your foobar instance via the internet, anywhere in the world.
  • Endless customization at user part. Your imagination is the limit here. 
  • Various user-made skins can be found on the Internet, e.g. DeviantArt.
  • freedb tagger support. E.g. Tag your VGM music from
  • and many more which are up to you to discover...

Anyway, here goes the list.

Hackintosh Build.. Success

Since last night I had been toying around with my PC to install hackintosh. After 5 hours of work I had successfully installed it. Every component is working as it should be. However, I just couldn't launch FCP X and Motion 5. Launching them always result in ".. cannot be opened because of a problem.." blah blah blah.

Update: Finally got both FCPX and Motion 5 to work after performing Software Update. I think ProRes Kit is the needed things here. Now all runs well :-D

I had posted a thread here on tonymac here in hope that someone will shed a light to me.

This guide by Jeff works as charm. Just follow it if you have similar build as his. The only thing different between my build and his is my graphic card and I'm using TP Link wireless USB dongle. Took me quite a while to find the proper kext for the dongle. Glad that the effort of searching prove to be worthwhile.


It should be 1600 MHz, well I guess losing 80Mhz wouldn't hurt the performance.

Hehe, Mac Pro, or Hack Pro?

Graphic card detected alright. Too bad I still can't output audio via HDMI interface.

Ralink (TP-WN321G) Airport Interface


The following links should guide you on how to install the Ralink kext on your hackintosh.


Additional Info
How to Remove Kext File

[Project] Karaoke Lyric Animation Video (Day 3)

For the past 3 days I had starting to learn about creating karaoke style lyrics for movies just out of curiosity. The effort had not gone wasted as I had successfully created 3 clips which I had uploaded on YT. The learning curve had been well thanks to the Internet :-)

Clip #1 - Scandal - Namida no Regret
*First attempt. Forgot to break down the english translation. AR is a bit offset.

Clip #2 - Shiroku Hirata - Never More (Persona 4 ED)

Clip #3 - Kawamura Yumi - Kimi no Kioku (Persona 3 ED)