Advantage of Gateway 3DS Flash Cart over Free arm9loaderhax/Luma3DS/ReiNAND/Cake/Rei

Since the announcement and tutorials (honorable mention of Plailect's guide here) of arm9loaderhax (a9lh) and Luma3DS (also known as ReiNAND previously), players are now able to run their 3DS roms and homebrew directly from the microSD card for Free. So how will these affects 3DS flash cart manufacturers such as Gateway which sell their flash cart for profit? Is there still any reasons to buy a dedicated flash cart to play the 3DS roms if you can play it for free?

Note: For those that followed my tutorial on installing BrowserHax and Downgrading to v9.2 here, you can simply start from Part 3 from Plailect's guide to setup RedNAND and downgrade to v2.1 for arm9loaderhax for your 3DS console. Although it is a long winded instructions, your effort will be rewarded in the long run. Just be sure to follow each and every instructions carefully during the process.

From there onwards you can always update your arm9loaderhax patched sysNAND to the latest version without ever worrying about bricking your 3DS console! That is only valid if you use CFW such as Luma3DS which will have write protection against FIRM0 and FIRM1 file on your sysNAND. Gateway mode does not ensure this! So never attempt to update your software when you're booting into Gateway mode via a9lh.