My Astro - 天天好天 (2011) [FLAC]

Just uploaded a FLAC lossless album for 2011 CNY album by My Astro - Tian Tian Hao Tian. Enjoy the lossless quality~

Album Title: My Astro - Tian Tian Hao Tian (天天好天)

Released Year: 2011

Log File included.
No Cover Art (Will upload soon when got scanner)

Disc #: 1
Total Tracks: 10

Track List:

01. 福气
02. 万鼓迎春到
03. 炮竹一声大地春+欢迎新年到
04. 又是一个好新年(福建)
05. 天天好天
06. 恭喜发财
07. 新年童趣
08. 欢乐年年+恭喜你(广东)
09. 大拜年+拜天公+庆元宵
10. 大家恭喜


Enjoy! Lyrics will be uploaded upon request.


Purchasing a SSD?

When it comes to bottleneck, most often the major cause of it is your hard drive. Many people are still relunctant or doesn't see the point of upgrading their mechanical hard disc to Solid State Drive (SSD). One of the concern is the performance degration over time. There's been a concept in most of our mind that SSD doesn't last long in the long run. However, SSD had improved over time and you would have an outdated SSD or might even purchased a new one when the existing one started to perform poorly.

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In spite of the foregoing, dedicating an ordinary solid state drive to your Mac
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In short, SSD had improved much due to :
- TRIM support by OS

And with SSD, you don't need to:
- Defrag your hard disk as the reading speed across all sectors are equally same

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How to take full advantage of your SSD
Why the limitations of SSDs are actually good
Enabling TRIM in Windows 7

More Reading
Mac Performance Guide: SPECIAL REPORT: Real World SSD Performance

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Image Backup Solution: Acronis TrueImage vs Norton Ghost

Acronis TrueImage vs. Norton Ghost vs. Symantec Ghost

Based on the reviews and comments here, most people had commented that Symantec Ghost is by far the most reliable image backup solution than other counterparts, however, it is not to be compete with home user software such as the two mentioned as it is corporate edition.


Softwares Recommendation for Mac OS X


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[Fix] Super Mario Galaxy 2 Blank Screen After Getting Grand Star

When playing Super Mario Galaxy 2 using Dolphin emulator, the following settings will need to be unchecked to prevent the blank screen problem after getting the Grand Star. This applies for any Grand Star level.

- Plugins->DSP: Dolphin DSP-HLE Plugin
- [unchecked] Enable HLE Audio
- [unchecked] Enable DTK Music
- [unchecked] Enable Audio Trottle
- Audio backend:
- No Audio Output

- Disable Save State!