My First RC and First Crawler - The Axial SCX10 (First Unbox) [Part 1]

My first RC crawler, first Axial product :-)

Decided to plunge my $$$ on this one to get myself know more about RC (Radio Control) vehicle. I never thought that I'll be spending even more $$ after this purchase for more upgrades in the weeks to come. Aluminium upgrades, lighting kits, more transmitter/receiver channels, and even FPV, there are just so many parts and $$$ that one could spend to modding this rig!

Stay tuned for more pictures about which upgrades that I had done to this awesome RC truck!

Why SCX10?

Before deciding on the SCX10 I am actually having huge interest of the Traxxas Summit. In fact I'm almost checking out on the purchase until I saw some promotional videos from Axial! But I later decide to go for SCX10 mainly for its realistic scale looks and large availability of upgradable parts. Axial SCX10 is well known for its true scale looks. Heck, it is said that the Jeep Wrangler Rubicon that I purchased is mirrored after the real Jeep Wrangler Rubicon that the Axial CEO personally owns!

Other reasons why I decide to go for SCX10 instead of Traxxas Summit:
- Traxxas Summit exterior decal is too 'eye-popping' and noisy for my taste.
- Traxxas Summit is more for bashing fun rather than crawling. Some said the Summit is a hybrid between basher and crawler. The SCX10 is pure crawler.

Even at 1/10 scale it is much larger than I expected after seeing tons of YouTube videos. Better to see it in person! With 1/10 scale this big, I can't even imagine how huge will the 1/8 Traxxas Summit looks like.

Finally have time to upload the shots that I taken two weeks ago for the unboxing. Ever since the day of unboxing I had spent two weeks trying to modify various parts of it such as adding aluminium steering linkage and lighting.

The classic black interior look. Axial is also selling a chrome interior set in case you would like to add more bling to it, which includes the window shield, more transmissions gears (4WD), and even guns!

So after spending some initial run of the SCX10, here's what I can tell given from a totally newbie RC perspective:
  • The top speed is fast enough for me. Traxxas Summit can go up to 30MPH which I think might be too fast for my taste.
 Stay tuned for more pictures on how I upgrade this SCX10 :-)

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