Bandicam - A competitive game video capture software

Many have complaint that the crack for the latest version of Bandicam (v1.7.5 onwards) didn't work as expected. Or if it had somehow worked but the watermark is still present in the recorded video even after applying the crack. So I had decided to upload the one that I had used and really does work.

Although the version that I uploaded is from the older version (v1.7.1.133), but I couldn't see any major changes when compared to the latest version. At least the video doesn't have the watermark on it after crack.

Watermark on the recorded video even after applying the crack

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For those who are not aware of Bandicam

Bandicam is an image or video capture software that has almost similar function with FRAPS. However what truly set it apart from FRAPS is that it is able to record videos in various compressed format. So it result in less lagging and the video will  have a smaller file size while having almost the same video quality of FRAPS (depending on settings).

Format settings for video output

For those who haven't used FRAPS before

If you had not used FRAPS before, it output the video in RAW format and both the audio and video are not compressed, resulting in a very large file, up to several GB for several minutes videos.

How to Install PROPERLY

1. Download the archive file. Link at the end of the post.

2. Run the installation setup BDCAMSETUP_ENG and proceed with the wizard. *Make sure you didn't tick the checkbox at the end of the installation screen that ask you to run Bandicam.

3. Next copy all the files in the crack folder (i.e. bdcam.exe and bdcap32.dll) into your Bandicam folder. Default folder path is "Program Files (or Program Files x86 for 64-bit OS) > Bandicam".

4. Now run it


This cracked version of Bandicam will only record videos from 32-bit application/games. It is because the crack team only released the 32-bit of the dll file (bdcap32). So it will crash when recording on 64-bit applications such as PCSX or Dolphin 64bit. Luckily almost all PC games are released in 32-bit.

Download Link for Bandicam v1.7.1.133 with crack from

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