XBMC - A completely unique home theater experience

Do you own a massive collection of HD or DVD movies downloaded from the Internet? Do you properly organized all your movie collection by putting them in a folder tidy and neat? Tired of Media Player Classic, RealPlayer or WMP? Want to show to others how unique you are to others by using software that is not commonly used by others? And most importantly, do you want to show off your amazing collection in a unique sense of way that will just do the 'WOW' factor?

P/S: You would probably like it if you are a huge fan of alternative software that is used and known only by a small community of user which is mostly geeks who just want to be unique in another way. E.g: Foobar2k, Linux, Android OS.

If the answer to the aforementioned question is YES, then I believe you are ready to get yourself aquantained with XBMC, short for XBox Media Center. (Official site)

The coolest thing about it is you can customize it according to your need. Browse through your movie gallore and watch them in a totally unique way that you had never seen before. Forget the traditional way of opening a movie file of going to Windows Explorer -> Disk drive -> Folder -> double click on a movie file. Believe me, your movie watching experience will start with XBMC.

Worried about the trouble you might need to go through to customize the skin? Don't worry, installing skin is easy. Simply download a skin you like from their official site here. Extract the zip file directly to the /skin folder under the XBMC directory. It's a snap!

All movie information can be fetch automatically from various site such as IMDB and TV.COM.

XBMC does not only manage movie, it can manage TV shows, music and pictures as well. Perfectly fitting it's fuction as the full-fledged home theater software.

Heres a skin called Transparency! which I'm using as my main theme for XBMC:

Home Screen

Movie Library

Movie Information

Now Playing

Feeling impressive? Go download it now!!

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