[Tutorial] Enable network connection in Android x86 4.0 ICS using VirtualBox

If you're an Android developer like me, you'll come to hate the sluggish performance of the emulator that came bundled with the SDK. So you try to install Android x86 as a VM in Virtual Box. Things work out pretty good and there's no more annoyance of the slow down. But one thing that you'll realize fast enough is THERE IS NO NETWORK CONNECTION! Googling for this and you'll come across to many workaround, which you might find it not working.

Following the instruction below to get the network connection working in Android x86 4.0 RC (eecpc version) on VirtualBox.

Several shortcut that you should know:
Alt+F1 : Enter terminal mode
Alt+F7 : Return to the GUI

1. Before starting your Android x86 VM, open up your terminal and enter the following. This will create a NAT rule:
VBoxManage modifyvm "Your Android VB name" --natpf1 adb,tcp,*,5555,*,5555

Alternatively, you could also add the NAT rule manually using the GUI.

Select your VM and click the Settings button at the toolbar.

Select Port Forwarding and add the following rules as shown.

2. Make sure the network is set as NAT. I've tried Bridged Networking but no avail.

3. Start up your VM and wait until it is boot up. Then enter terminal mode by pressing Alt+F1.

4. Type netcfg to make sure the interface is up and running. Try to send a ping to your default gateway and it should be successful.

5. Enter the following to use the Google DNS. You can use your own DNS server too.
setprop net.dns1

6. Return to GUI mode by pressing Alt+F7 and you can now start to browse the Internet!


I dont have eth0 and no intenet :/


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