PSP As PC Game Pad

Got a PSP but don't want to fork out extra money just to get a game pad to play games in emulators? Well here's a great solution for all of you!

I have tested them and I started to think that I'm glad to have a PSP! It does it all!

Alternative 1 - PSP as Wireless Game Pad

This tutorial will turn your PSP into a wireless game pad. Do note that your PSP must be connected wirelessly to any Access Point in order for it to work. Some installation is needed but it's pretty much self explained and simple to setup. I have come to notice that the green LED indicator blink intensively even though you are not using it. Perhaps much battery life is to be drained? Will post my result soon.

Link :

Alternative 2 - PSP as Wired Game Pad

For this no wireless access point is needed. All you need to have is a USB connector that connect the PSP to the PC itself.

Link :