2 Greatest PC Adventure games of all time!

What defines a solid good pure adventure game. And by pure I meant an adventure game without action or any moves which you'll need to perform ON TIME in order to play it, e.g: Tomb Raider or Resident Evil. Typical adventure games element include the following elements which is essential:

  • Full voice dialogue and sound quality without any sound compression, a.k.a loss-less format such as PCM.
  • Some of the dialogue must have humor element within it. Partial humor is enough. Exceesive use of humor within the dialog might spoil the game by a huge par.
  • The voice acting skills must be good, the pitch and tone plays a vital role here.
  • No pressure of time during the play through.
  • There is no time limit throughout the game play.
  • Contains puzzle element which requires the player to solve it before proceeding further to the story. The puzzle cannot be too complex though which might discourage player to solve it.
  • Element of surprise and anticipation. Example, player might acquire certain item that might seems useless at the moment of acquisition, but might prove useful at the later part of the story.
  • Last but not least, a perfect and well-flow story line.
Some might argue that superb 3-D graphic is definitely an important element that cannot be left out in any games. I doubt it is true for every game. The two of the greatest adventure game which I shall reveal later is a perfect example on how graphic DOES NOT need to be on par with that of Crysis in order to be an outstanding adventure game.

You might heard it or not. Here are 2 of the greatest adventure genre game of all time for PC.

1) The Longest Journey

2) Siberia

It's a shame that there is no any adventure games being developed after 2000 YET that can be on par with the aforementioned masterpiece.