Remotely control your iPhone/iPod Touch using PC

Hi guys, if you ever wondered to use your PC/Mac keyboard to type on your iPhone/iPod Touch, wait no more as there's been a way to do so.

These guide were meant to be use on a jailbroken iPhone or iPod Touch with firmware 3.0 and above. It might work with firmware below that but I doubt no one haven't upgrade theirs.

To save the hassle for reading those guides, I had listed several applications and steps you would need to do to do just that.


* Wireless Access Point (Both PC/Mac and iPhone/iPod Touch must be connected to a wireless network)
* A VNC client
* VNC server for iPhone/iPod Touch


1) Go to Cydia app and search for Veency. Download, install and restart SpringBoard when prompted to.

2) Choose and download one of the following VNC server/client programs for PC below:

UltraVNC (Free)

TightVNC (Free)

RealVNC (Free/License (Paid)

3) Once installed, launch the viewer only (your iPhone/iPod Touch will serve as VNC Server)

4) Enter your iPhone/iPod Touch Wi-Fi IP address in the host address field. You can get the IP address via Setting -> WiFi or slide the top menu bar (if you're using SBSettings)

5) Click connect. A message will prompt on your iPhone/Ipod Touch screen. Tap accept and your iPhone/iPod Touch screen will be rendered or shown on your monitor.

* If it refuses to connect by showing a message 'Failed to connect', right click on the respective Viewer program -> click 'Run as...' -> Untick 'Protect my computer and data from unauthorized program activity' or run as administrator. You should be able to connect by now.

No Wi-Fi

The following guide was meant to be use ONLY if you do not have any wireless access point. You'll need to connect your iPhone/iPod Touch to your PC/Mac via USB cable.

Use Veency and iTunnel.exe to connect without Wi-Fi