Dare to take the Horror Test?

During midnight (pass 12.00 a.m.), had you ever staring at the monitor with absolute silence and only yourself, hope that something interesting might happened to you?

Do you like to watch horror movies, yet didn't have the chance to go inside the World of Terror? Or do you feel you'd like to have a one of a time experience all by yourself?

If the answer to the question above is YES, then the following article, or should I say TEST will suit you. Otherwise, just head back to the link where you previously being located.


Before you take the Horror Test below, make sure you meet the following condition:

1) The time is between 12.00 am and 2.59 am
2) Your computer, which you're using now, is in your bedroom or any other room
3) You're totally alone at the time, which either means all of your family members are napping or going out
4) No food/drinks or other consumable thing is behind your computer desk
5) You're not chewing on any sweet/gums
6) You're not wearing any headphones or listening to music
7) You're clear in mind what you're about to do next.
8) Physically and mentally well, no illness
9) Do not think what will happened next, just follow the test instruction! Do not let your mind take over your conscience.
10) You're able to understand English well.
11) You had been familiar with spooky situation and you're taking this test to try out your courage

If you met the aforementioned requirements, then get ready for the next stage - Preparation!

1) Radio - Signal change to FM with no tune, which is the tune you'll likely hear when no signal is received. The volume is set to normal to avoid disturbtion
2) Clock - A wall hanging clock which you can hear the ticking sound cleary as it's midnight and it's silence
3) Alarm clock/Alarm watch - Any clock or watch that has the alarm functionality.
4) Doll - A doll (appearance is not the issue), need to have a face, preferably with a large eye, nose and mouth

If you had prepared, then prepare to take the following test. Read the following lines one by one and scroll down (by pressing the Down arrow one by one) ONLY AFTER YOU HAD READ EACH LINE! This is the ensure you had no idea what will happen next!

Horror Test 1

1. Turn off all the lights

2. Put the doll next to your monitor / any location behind your monitor which you can see clearly

3. Set your alarm clock/watch to 3 minutes after you had read this line, NOW!

4. Close your eyes for 30 seconds, think nothing more other than listening to the clock ticking & radio signal and counting from 1 to 30, (remember to look back at the monitor after 3o seconds)... Starting NOW!

5. Now that you had reopened your eyes, reading this line, that means you're good to go

6. Slowly turn around and stare at your doll FACE for about as long as you can bear

7. If you moved your attention here again, close your eyes again (for about 30 seconds, count it in your heart, make your mind to think 2 thing at a same time) and think back about the movie that scared you most, such as Child's Play 4, or monsters that lurking under your back, starting NOW

8. Now that you've reopened your eyes, don't think what will happen next, just stare at the following white space below for about 10 seconds (count in your heart)









9. Whisper the following words in your heart, with low voice tones:

-> Is

-> It

-> Or

-> Is

-> There

-> Anything

-> Behind

-> My

-> Back

-> Huh?

10. Good, now slowly turn your head behind, stop reading, just DO

11. At the moment you're staring back here, you'll feel that






Your alarm rang!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

End of Test

Congratulations! After the test, if you had managed to hear the alarm rang after doing all the steps above, 11 totally. That means you're clearly a man which can withstand anything.

If not, you're probably a coward that chickened out after doing one of those steps.

While doing step #8, If you keep on wondering where's the following dots or what color is it. If so, it indicates that you are able to withstand any situation, as long as it fascinate you. However, if you're just wondering when will the dots going to end, or what is the following steps, that means you're being impatience and will most likely to give up the test soon.

The test above is solely written by me with no other sources.

Leave any comment at chatter box or here if you had take the test above. Tell me what you feel~~