Much anticipation for one product, yet it didn't last long

Started from yesterday I had but only 1 thing playing in my mind - to buy myself a Linksys Wireless router WRG54G near my town area, Segamat, Johor.

Today, with the money in my pocket, I happily entered each computer store. What I never thought is among the 3 computer stores I visited, none of them sell it! Man, is Segamat a totally rural area or what? Why can't they just order maybe 1 or 2 of those popular brand router in their store for people like me? Maybe they never target those tech savvy guy such as myself /giggles.

If only I live in KL, JB or any other busy streets right now, I won't be frustrated by sitting in front of my computer and posting such blog...

Oo my Linksys, when will you come to ME?

Somebody please teleport me to somewhere else, Ouendan!!

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