Fun Facts

Feel bored? Nothing to do? Want to improve your common sense by a tiny bit? Then the following facts may get you interested with. I just type whatever I currently being able to think of.

- During a meeting conference, nobody really cares on what you (speaker) said unless you had made a word mistake.

- If you can't categorize a thing, just label it under 'Miscellaneous', it can't possibly go wrong.

- If train station is a place where train stop, bus station is a place where bus stop, then what is a work station?

- Most people doesn't really care about how a thing is made. As long as it's usable, they won't care for the further details.

- If you are a project manager or planning assistant, you may sometimes make a few mistake while planning. If there's anything wrong and couldn't go as planned, just don't forget to mention the word "technical problem". No one will ask you further details about it.

- If you are not computer literate, never mind. When your computer malfunctioned, then you'll seek advice from other sources and probably become computer literate.