Completed Persona 4

Completed Persona 4 after roughly 68 hours of game play.

To tell the truth, I'm not so satisfied with the ending compared with P3 though. There is a turning point whereby I am given the choice to push the killer into the TV or spare it. Regardless of whichever choice I do, there is no further gameplay unlike P3 whereby you get extra one month (January) to prepare and defeat Nyx (if you choose not to kill Ryoko). Besides, Social Links doesn't seemed to have much meaning that contributed towards the ending unlike P3.

Well back to the ending, there are two different ending depending on my choices at the scene whether to spare or push the killer into the TV world.

First route: Sparing him
If I chose to spare him, you will be glad to hear when the doctor told you that Nanako didn't died after all. The next Spring you will see on the news that the guy will be held on trial. But he denied the first two mystery murders. Nanako couldn't see you off as she is still recuperating at the hospital.

Second route: Push him into the TV world
In this case, you will found that Nanako died when you and your friends are back to her ward. The next Spring you will see on the news reporting that he committed suicide and police still couldn't find the case of his death.

In both route, you will notice that Teddie had left the world. Regardless, the mystery still shrouds on why he left as well as the existence of the Midnight Channel.

Case closed... Eh?

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