Synthesizing artist vocal using VOCALOID

Recently I had found a great software for synthesizing artist vocal by entering your own lyrics - Vocaloid

If you are wondering what this software does, kindly check out the video below:
Canon Rocks

Vocaloid Wiki

There are various artist that you can synthesized the voice with (mostly Japanese).

The software can be downloaded in the following site:

If you wish for video tutorial, check out the video below:
A 6 parts video tutorial

There's even a series of albums that is released using Vocaloid:

In addition, you can even creating your own anime dancing model by using a software called Miku Miku Dance. For lip synchronization, you may use the .vsq file that you may create by using the Vocaloid software.

Link for Miku Miku Dance
Tutorial for Miku Miku Dance

Unleash your creative imagination now ~