uCertify - Both studying and test preparation under one hood

Today I'll make a full review on a software that integrates both study and test preparation in a way that I am impressed with - uCertify. Although there are other softwares available out there, there are several distinctive features offered by uCertify that set it apart from others. This review is solely my own personal opinions and after several hours of usage.

Simple and clean User Interface
When I opened up uCertify for the first time, I am really impressed with the total integration between the study material and the test. Each of them are nicely presented and arranged in sections. There are no unnecessary buttons or stack of menus that I need to click to launch a task. In fact, I began to familiarize myself with the software in the matter of seconds even without reading the documentation prior to that!

Wide variety of professional certificates tests
Ranged from A to Z (well perhaps not Z but you know what I meant.). If there is a professional certificate, uCertify has it. So far I had tested out with Microsoft, Cisco, and Oracle tests and they had provided me with a better understanding and confidence when I shall take the exam in the future.

Studying Material
This is the first time that I had used a software that has a study material that integrates with a test preparation software. It is indeed a useful features as I can study existing material about a topic or even add my own study notes. No more opening up Microsoft Word or Notepad just to refer to the notes as I can just add it directly in the software.

Below are the features related to the test preparation section that I think is notable:

Inserting own notes or custom tag at each question for future references
Adding custom notes when stumbled across a question that need further explanation is definitely useful. Think this question is for a particular interested topic? Tag it for future searches.

Learn mode vs Exam mode
If you are those kind of people who wants to get immediate result after answering a question, then Learn mode is for you. Otherwise exam mode lets you know the answer only at the end of the test.

Setting up a custom exam environment
This feature is definitely useful for different kinds of scenario.

For me, whenever I am in a quick or high tea, I just create a smaller number of questions (in the range of 10 to 15) and shorter time (e.g. 10 minutes) to breeze through the exam. And when I'm free during the weekends, I just allocate the time for myself to setup a testing environment similar to the real examinations.

Adding own question to the pool
There are cases when I feel that the questions are just not enough or too easy (due to the fact that I had undergoes the same question set every time). In that case I just add the questions that I found on the Internet to the question pool and setup a test based on those questions.

Resuming the test
I hate it when I need to start over the test again and abort the test when I decided to shut down my computer or close the program. Thankfully uCertify have the feature to let me resume the previous questions that I had answered.

Tracking my progress
Every now and then I can see how have I progress over time every time I had finished a test so that I can better know my weaknesses.


uCertify Official Link: http://www.ucertify.com