Unboxing HUGE Pokemon Merchandise Package Imported from AmiAmi Japan (Pics + Videos)

Hello guys, this is the main post for a huge Pokemon merchandise that I just received from AmiAmi. I will be doing a video upload for each and every items on YouTube. That's not all! I will also keep on updating this post for more pictures as supplements to the videos.

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YouTube Uploads

These are a list of videos that I uploaded with my purchase:
Unboxing Huge Pokemon Merchandise Package from AmiAmi (Japan)

Unboxing Pokemon Phantom Gate Japanese Booster Box (1st Edition)
- and more to come!

Package from amiami

Special token of purchase from amiami :-]


Thank you for shopping with us! :-]

Japanese Pokemon booster boxes, special collecton card deck and card storage box

Time to arrange the items :-]

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