[Tutorial] The Missing Guide to Install TN-V11 on PS Vita using Numblast/Quatron Exploit and Upgrade from TN-C

I have to say that there aren't many guides out there that provides a clear example on how to install the latest and greatest TN-V11 CFW on PS Vita. Reason I'm switching from TN-C to TN-V is for the PSX sound emulation support, which is lacking in TN-C.

[Supplementary pictures will be added in the future]

My Setup

  • PS Vita Slim running OFW 3.36
  • TN-C CFW with TN-Menu v1.01
  • Numblast/Quotron US (for the exploit)
  • OpenCMA (Open Content Manager Assistant) to transfer the files to/from the PS Vita to PC. It's basically a patch over the official Sony Content Manager Assistant.
There is also an alternative of using QCMA instead of OpenCMA. QCMA will install a custom USB driver to connect to your Vita. You can verify this by opening Device Manager and seeing a libusb section. In my experience, connecting my PS Vita to QCMA is unsuccessful. So I'm sticking to OpenCMA.


First, download the package that I compiled <<< here >>> (hosted on Google Drive).
Inside the package you'll find:
  • TN-C: Files necessary to exploit Numblast US to launch TN-C
  • TN-V11: Files necessary to exploit Numblast US to launch TN-V11
  • _Tools:  Sony CMA and OpenCMA to transfer files between your PS Vita and your PC
  • Homebrew ISO: ISOs for your Vita to launch in TN-X environment. Included for now are PS Fliers (file manager for PSP) and VitaFTP (FTP access to your PS Vita)
  • PSP OFW: Official firmware for PSP, only 6.60 is included. This is needed by TN-X to provide the PSP kernel.


Install TN-C

It is necessary to install TN-C before attempting to install TN-V because TN-V does not allow creating directories (dir) under the \PSP\GAME folder. Frankly I have no idea why I couldn't since I can write files to any of the folders under that path just as fine. Add that to the fact that OFW3.36 does not have write access restriction to the said folder unlike OFW3.50 and above.
  1. Extract TN-X_Package.zip to somewhere convenient, such as My Documents. Password for the archive is dsync.blogspot.com
  2. Enter TN-C folder and copy both NPUG80320KEXPLOIT and NPUG80320SAVEDATA to your PS Vita backup folder.
  3. Launch Content Manager Assistant on your PS Vita and navigate [Copy Content] (PC->PS Vita System) > Applications > [Saved Data] PSP/Other
  4. Select both TN-C (1261KB) and NUMBLAST (582KB) and click on Copy to transfer both files onto your PS Vita
  5. On your Vita, launch NUMBLAST and you should see the screen flashing WHITE and GREEN and you'll be greeted with TN-C Menu.
Note: While transferring the SAVEDATA sometimes you'll see an error. This only happens if you change the files content while OpenCMA is running and OpenCMA is still yet to refresh its database to detect the changed files. If that happens, simply copy the files again.

Install TN-V11

  1. Copy H.BIN (8.8KB) under \TN-V11\FW336_Numblast_TNV11\US to NPUG80320SAVEDATA, replacing the existing H.BIN (9.5KB) which you used for TN-C in the step earlier.
  2. Copy TNV_54321 folder under \TN-V11\FW336_Numblast_TNV11 to your PS Vita backup location.
  3. On your PS Vita, open CMA and transfer both NUMBLAST and TN-V LAUNCHER (32MB) to your Vita.
  4. On your PS Vita, open NUMBLAST game while holding the R button. Similar to TN-C, you'll see a flashing WHITE and GREEN light followed by TN-V Recovery Menu. Go to Advanced Configuration and install 660.PBP. Exit after done and you'll be greeted by the nostalgic PSP XMB.

What's Next

Installing HomeBrew (emulators)

As mentioned, TN-V11 does not allow creating directories under ms0:\PSP\GAME for unknown reason. There are quite a few of workarounds for this though:
  1. Switch to TN-C and open PSPFlier. Use that to create Directories manually. After that switch to TN-V and launch VitaFTP to upload files to the said directories.
  2. Compress the files as INSTALL.ZIP (all UPPERCASE, compression method = STORE) with the structure of \PSP\GAME\YOURHOMEBREWTITLE and put it under NPUG80320SAVEDATA. Use CMA to transfer the SAVEDATA into the Vita. Launch TN-C and it will automatically extract the said content into \PSP\GAME.
  3. And more... Refer to Wololo.NET post here.

Custom Bubbles

Wololo.NET tutorial here. It's much simpler when using a tool called Sign-NP Expert. I might be covering a tutorial on this IF I manage to achieve. It's been unsuccessful attempt so far...




Creating Custom Bubbles for Homebrew




I wonder when all of this will be available for the Playstation TV, I'll just have to be patient...


Hi, thank you for your tutorial.

I've read as much as I could and tried all (ftp, INSTALL.ZIP, ISO) but I still can't play PS1 games on my vita. I'm on 3.36 firmware with the numblast exploit. I managed to finally install a ps1 game (xenogears) on my vita with TN V11, but the game does not launch, all I get is a black screen.

Your tutorial is basically my last chance, still I have one question : how can I switch between TN V11 and TN C please ?

Thanks in advance,


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