Unboxing HUGE Pokemon Merchandise Package Imported from AmiAmi Japan (Pics + Videos)

Hello guys, this is the main post for a huge Pokemon merchandise that I just received from AmiAmi. I will be doing a video upload for each and every items on YouTube. That's not all! I will also keep on updating this post for more pictures as supplements to the videos.

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YouTube Uploads

These are a list of videos that I uploaded with my purchase:
Unboxing Huge Pokemon Merchandise Package from AmiAmi (Japan)

Unboxing Pokemon Phantom Gate Japanese Booster Box (1st Edition)
- and more to come!

Package from amiami

Special token of purchase from amiami :-]


Thank you for shopping with us! :-]

Japanese Pokemon booster boxes, special collecton card deck and card storage box

Time to arrange the items :-]

My First BCBM Pokemon Cards Opening (Pics + Video)

A video of me unwrapping three BCBM (Buy Cards By Mail) from an eBay auctions that I won last week.

They were shipped around January 22 from the United States via USPS First Class International Mail and delivered to my home after a week. Very surprise to get them on time! Each mail only cost around USD $10.

How to Deal with Malaysia Royal Custom For Detained/Held Items from Overseas Purchases @ How to Clear Customs in Malaysia

How to Clear Customs in Malaysia

Following my first overseas purchase that was being detained by custom in Malaysia, I decided to write this post to share my experiences on how to deal with them.

Note: This is a personal sharing of mine on how to deal with Malaysia Royal Custom for your detained or held items from overseas purchases. Hopefully this will be helpful to assist you to clear your items :) 

Signs to Look for - Your Items *MIGHT* be detained by customs

If you saw the following description on PosLaju tracking website such as 'Custom Inspection. High - value goods', there is a high chance that your item might be detained by the custom for import tax and sales tax. In that case, you would normally received a letter of detainment from them and is delivered by your trusty PosLaju mailman on the next day. In my case, I got the said letter on the next day from the website.

My Purchasing/Buying Experience from AmiAmi (Japanese Character & Hobby Online Store) for Pokemon TCGs and Items from Malaysia Using PayPal

Thought that I would like to share my first oversea purchase from the nation of the rising sun, Nihon or Japan!

I had to admit, being a young adult, having a hobby like CCG (collectables card games) is usually frown upon by parents. And that is so true in my case. Regardless, I earned my own money and my wallet answers to no one but myself, or at least that is the case for now.

Anyways, I might be the latecomers when I say that I am purchasing some Pokemon TCG Gaia Volcano/Tidal Storm (or also known as Primal Clash in English) Booster Boxes since it was released roughly one or two months back.

How to Link Maybank Debit Card (Visa/Mastercard) with PayPal for International/Overseas Purchase (Amazon, eBay...)

After successfully activated my Maybank debit card (MASTERCARD logo with Cherry image), or more commonly identified as Cherry card for PayPal I decided to write this up to assist anyone else that have the same desire as I did. 

Maybank Debit Card with Cherry logo. Mine was a MasterCard. I prefer Visa though but they ran out of it while I'm trying to upgrade from my previous ATM or Maybankard.

Note that this is a sum up writings of my experience trying to link my Debit card with PayPal. You may directly skip to the end of this article for the tldr (too long don't read) version :-P

An Honest Reviews on the BlackBerry Z30, BlackBerry OS 10, and iOS

My Z30 finally arrived after placing my order yesterday. It came with 6 layers of inner packaging. Its like opening a Matryoshka doll, albeit differ in the packaging content :-P

Overall speaking I am very impressed with BBOS 10. Mind you that this is my first time trying out BBOS 10 and I'm already started to love it. Prior to that I already spent one whole week watching various features introduced in BBOS 10, so it is easier for me to make the transition. Believe me not, you wouldn't appreciate the creamy beauty of BBOS 10 until you lay your fingers on actually using it :)

As expected, the immediate things that I did after unboxing it was plugging it into a charger and let it update to from the stock 10.2.0.xxx. At that point I didn't really explore it nor syncing my data such as contacts to avoid possible issues during the update. Not that it will happen but let's play it safe since I am going to update it sooner or later anyways :-)

Rambling of An Apple Fan Towards Apple Marketing Choices

In the days of Steve Jobs, buying an iDevices (iPhone and iPad) used to be very easy and straightforward thanks to the binary choices presented. This may surprise you, but most users typically do not want to be offered with a lot of choice, they want to be lock down and just buy things that are offered. Ask yourselves whether this is true. As the saying goes, "with choices comes responsibility". In this context, that means you would have to go through tons of research (be it written or video reviews) and outlining each and every decision before fork out your hard, cold cash. Granted, iDevices are never cheap to begin with, and never will. With the hefty price that you paid though, you earn yourself a social stature in a higher hierarchy, or such is the stereotype of spotting anyone with an iDevices.

[Tutorial] Custom Upgrade BlackBerry OS 7.1 Walkthrough

So I just purchased a BlackBerry Bold 9900 first released back in 2011. Many, I am sure you do, ask why purchase such legacy device while I could purchase a smartphone sporting quad-core processor, gigabytes of memory, Super AMOLED screen, HD resolution, LTE network connectivity, 1080p camera/video recording quality camera available. Well the answer is pretty obvious and common, I want to try out their touted physical keyboard and landline-like voice quality. Most importantly, it is cheap and serve as an adapting window before trying out the next flagship, the Blackberry Q20 or Blackberry Classic (alias) that is simply an improved version of the Bold 9900 in many aspects. There is no reason to purchase Bold 9900 after Q20 is announced, hopefully release sometime in November if the rumor are to be believed. I won't become a laughing stock by purchasing it now, since many Bold users still complains and even hold their purchase on Q10, especially the lack of a dedicated top panel for answering/rejecting calls, accessing BB menu, back buttons, and optical trackpad.

Installing and Running DOSBox on PS Vita (PSP Emulator) on TN-V8 Exploit

I missed DOS games. And luckily PS Vita has an emulator ported from DOSBox allowing you run DOS game on the go.

There are many builds of DOSBox for PSP available, with the immediate search showing the following versions (DD/MM/YY)

A Complete Tutorial to Install Homebrew on PS Vita (PSP) on TN-V8 Exploit

Following my successful attempt to exploit my PS Vita using NumBlast game, I shall now share my experience of installing home-brew (commonly known as emulators) on PS Vita in the form of pictorial.

First thing first, download some homebrews from a sea of home brew listed here.