Pairing Wiimote Motion Plus with Windows using Toshiba Bluetooth Stack

Following after my previous post on how to connect your Wiimote Motion Plus on Windows here, I soon realized that there is yet another easier way to do so without having to resort installing BlueSoleil. Simply install the Toshiba Bluetooth stack and you're good to go. One reason I attempted this way is because I failed to get BlueSoleil to run stable (Windows Explorer keeps on crashing) after I reinstall it on my computer.

Download the Toshiba BT Stack here.

Personally, I experienced a rare issue whereby I had a hard time connecting my wiimote. Both BlueSoleil and Toshiba managed to scan and detect my Wiimote. However, it cannot connect it via Human Interface Device (HID). This problem is solved when I swap my BT adapter with another. So to make things short, change your BT adapter if you are unable to search for any service for your Wiimote.


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