Setting Up Playstation 3 Controller and Qanba Q4 RAF Arcade Stick on RetroPie

Although RetroPie support some of the hotkeys for joypads right out of the box, I decided to modify it to include the commonly used hotkeys. Also I found that the default joypad configuration for the Qanba maps the button incorrect.

To enable automatic joystick detection, you have to enable the parameter input_autodetect_enable in retroarch.cfg.

cd /opt/retropie
nano retroarch.cfg
# Enable input auto-detection. Will attempt to autoconfigure
# joypads, Plug-and-Play style.
input_autodetect_enable = true

I also enable automatic mapping of the Left Analog Stick to function as D-Pad. For unknown reason I found that including this parameter in joypad config doesn't work. So you'll have to overwrite it in retroarch.cfg (either all or system specific cfg).

# Automatically map the left analog stick to D-Pad
input_player1_analog_dpad_mode = "1"

Hotkey Mappings

PlayStation 3 (DualShock3)

Replace the default joypad config file with the following:

nano /opt/retropie/configs/all/retroarch-joypads/Sony-PlayStation3-DualShock3-Controller-Bluetooth.cfg

Qanba Q4 RAF

Replace the default joypad config file with the following:

nano /opt/retropie/configs/all/retroarch-joypads/HJCQanBaJoystickPlus.cfg


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