Harvest Moon fan sites

IF you're one of those Harvest Moon (HM) big fans out there just like me, I highly suggest you to visit at least one of the following site as they really does provide huge in-game information about HM game series developed by Marvelous (translated by Natsume).

Ushi no Tame - for Harvest Moon and River King fans
This fansite is an utopia for HM fans as it covers basically all HM game titles ever released dated back from HM for SNES until NDS/Wii. All detailed information like characters likes/dislikes, marriage candidates, recipes and so on are all available to search. There's no reason for HM fans to NOT visit this site at least once.

Ranch Story
This fansite basically gives out information about any HM game that is being released in the future or present. If you want to check out when and what HM game will be released next, why not give this site a try?