Galbadia Hotel - 1 Stop for Anime/J-Pop/Game Soundtrack Download

If you like anime or game music and having a hard time searching for them, don't worry, your search will end at Galbadia Hotel.

Any Final Fantasy VIII fans will know that Galbadia is the name of a city taken place in the game. Why did the webmaster choose that name, well, frankly I just don't know. Perhaps it's an easy name to remember?

Anyway, I'll give you some facts and features being offered in the website:

  1. It offers a variety of Anime and Game Original Soundtracks (OST) (even some J-Pop Singles) and it can be downloaded freely by any user without any download limits or speed limits. Speed may varies depending on your current network activity and ISP.
  2. No English Singles hits available to download, eg: Artist single like Britney Spears, Westlife, etc... So don't waste your time searching for those OSTs there.
  3. OST from 2008 onwards is not available to download. Perhaps they didn't update the album anymore? Well, at least you can get any other albums here.
  4. You DO NOT need to be registered in order to download those OSTs.
  5. A forum is provided where you can share almost anything there. There's even a section whereas members upload and share their zipped folder in various web free hoster like RapidShare, Megaupload, etc...