Toshiba Qosmio X305-Q708 - The Ultimate Gaming Machine

Seriously, this is truly a gaming laptop as it is the first to include 3 nVidia GPU in a laptop. The price is pretty expensive too, $4199.99.

Speculating Features:
- Dual nVidia 9800MGTS with nVidia SLI technology
- Intel Core2 Extreme Quad Core QX9300 2.53 Ghz (1066 Mhz FSB) (45nm Intel technology)
- 17" LCD *WXSGA+ with TruBrite technology
- Native resolution of 1680x1050. (It's quite a disappointment as a 17'inch display deserve 1920x1080 and above for HD experience)
- 128GB SSD (suitable for data backup and a partition for OS. Good when you put your computer to sleep while carrying it on your bag)
- 320GB secondary hard disc with a whopping 7200rpm!
- Weight: 9.04lbs (4.1kg)