Dell 27" U2711

I've been wanted to change my current 23' (Acer H233H) with glossy screen to a matte screen panel.

Here are some reviews from various source for future references.

PRAD (German to English Translation)

Some issues that might concern you on U2711:
  • Anti-Glare (AG) coating (less intrusive and aggressive than U2410)
  • Non-native Full HD resolution

Something to keep in mind before purchasing U2711:

  1. You'll need dual DVI inputs to support 2560x1440 resolution.

From [H]ardForum:

Originally Posted by VectraP View Post
Would I be able to get 2560 x 1440 working with a normal HDMI Cable?

Single-link DVI can only transmit up to 1920x1200 at 60Hz. To do higher resolutions (including 2560x1440) at 60Hz, dual-link DVI is required. Single-link DVI uses 12 pins, dual-link DVI uses 24 pins, HDMI uses 19 pins and Displayport uses 20 pins. HDMI and DP achieve the higher speeds required for higher resolutions or higher Hz by sending more data through the same pins, while DVI achieves the higher resolutions or speeds by adding more pins in dual-link mode. HDMI and DP cables can transmit single-link DVI because they have more pins than necessary, but there is no way for HDMI or DP to transmit dual-link DVI because they don't have enough pins.

Edit: I speak here of converting HDMI from your video card to the DVI port on the u2711, because the u2711 is not capable of doing more than 1920x1080 through its HDMI port. According to the documentation, you can only get 2560x1440 on the u2711 through dual-link DVI or Displayport.