Launch MITM attack using Ettercap

If you're using Windows 7 to launch Ettercap, you might notice that it will crash once you start the sniffing process. You might have tried to launch it in Administrative privilages, enabled WinXP compatibility mode, but nothing success. The reason causing all this is because Ettercap doesn't support IPv6, just not yet.

So if disabling IPv6 works, how do I do it? You can simply disable it by untick the IPv6 box under the active network connection properties. However, it will be re-enabled once again upon restart. To disable it permanently, a visit to regedit is inevitable.

Quote from AddictiveTips:
It gets enabled again once the system is restarted, so in order to permanently disable it, open the registry editor by clicking Start, then type regedit and hit Enter. Once it is launched, navigate to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE > SYSTEM > CurrentControlSet > services >TCPIP6 > Parameters key.

Enjoy using Ettercap under Windows 7!