2010 Final Day.

It is this time of year again, the final day of 2010.

There is indeed quite a lot of interesting things that had happened in my life. Just for reminiscence, among the notable ones are undergoing my semester industrial training at a nice company - Integricity and meeting all the colleagues that working there.

I must say that one of the major things that I had purchased for this year is none other than my powerful gaming i7 rig. Well I only bought it as my laptop GPU had died on me after serving me a faithful 3 years. Every now and then I would need to bake it (yes, literally) in an oven just to 'resurrect' it should the same problem happen again. Come to think of it, the rig really costs a bomb yet it is really a worth purchase. I never need to concern about the numbers of program I open. I think it's better to put it this way, everything related to PC performance is nothing of a concern except electricity. Yes, the i7 and the 5870 certainly drained up quite some power but I managed to keep it at minimal using various power saving mode. But I'm not a bragging person, except when I am being asked about it. xD

Well I guess that's wrapped it out. Below are among the things that I had done and learned:

- Garmin Developer for voice content and POI.
- Learning various computer troubleshooting at client place, e.g. backup, server installation and migration, web hosting package, etc..
- Customizing mods for games like RE5 and GTA4.
- PC Overclocking and benchmarking.
- Latest CPU and GPU specification.
- folding.
- Playing video in 60 FPS using morphing technique.
- Movie critique :-D

I would say that I had become a more better person that I am before. Hopefully 2011 will be another great year for me to improvise myself and keep the mother earth green.

I shall come out with a 2011 wish list tomorrow. Cheers and enjoy your last day of 2010.