Customizing your Garmin Voice

To copy the voice file, just extract them to your Garmin Voice folder, e.g F:\Voice\.

After that, turn on your nuvi device and go to Tools > Settings > Language. Then select the voice language to use.

* For those sound that marked with ***, it will replace the American English file. So make sure you backup and remove the original american_english_.vpm in your voice folder beforehand.
* If you wish, you can manually change the language ID using Voice Editor utility to something else, e.g. Norski.

Custom Voice Pack
- Arnold Schwerzenegger***
Link: Megaupload
* Voice from the California Governer, Arnold himself.

- Borat (Displayed as Arabic)
Link: Megaupload
* Voice from the Celebrity Borat.

- Fukien (Hokkien) (Displayed as Catala)
Link: Megaupload
* Fukien (Hokkien) dialect. I had personally re-indexing the voice file to work with the nuvi version because the original index voice sample that works with mobile version doesn't match the nuvi version.

- Garmin Devil***
Link: Megaupload

- Sexy Sedara***
Link: Megaupload
* Sexy lady voices. Be careful of the kids in your car when using it.

- British (Displayed as American English)
Link: Megaupload
* Edited with 'beep beep' sound before some sentence and some voices from GTA4 GPS.

Additional official voice pack can be downloaded from official Garmin site ( or through the Web Updater.

- Voice Editor v0.8 (Megaupload)
Open it and select the vpm files. It will create a folder corresponding to the vpm filename. Inside the folder are the separate .wav files for the voice. Replace the .wav files to change the voice to something else.

I prefer the voice editor over this as the former is much easier to use and allow custom user sentence playback.

Use this to customize the sentence. *Work with TTS (Text-To-Speak) voice file only.
For example, changing the sentence 'recalculating' to 'proceed to alternative route'.

Perfect audio software to create your custom voice. Make sure each custom voice is exported to .wav format using the following settings:
WAV (Microsoft 4 bit IMA ADPCM, quality: 89 kbps, 22050 Hz, mono, 16 bit

Voice Testing
After you had downloaded the voice pack, make sure to test the voice by using the Simulation function. You can activate it by turning off the GPS function via Tools > Settings > System > GPS Off.