The Perfect CHM to PDF Converter... FOUND!

Update on April 9, 2012: Uploaded link to Peeje.

Since yesterday I had been searching for the CHM to PDF converter because I wanted to read on my iPad. I managed to find iChm and Chmate, which are the apps for iPad, but the former doesn't support highlight feature and the later requires iOS4.0. As a sidenote I'm still using iOS 3.2.2. To add, I have been an avid user of GoodReader which I used to read all my ebooks except comics, which I prefer to use Bookman. I still prefer to highlight stuff using GoodReader, hence the purpose of this post, which is to introduce the best CHM to PDF converter out there. I had tried out various software such as belows:
... but none of them are able to convert the CHM to PDF without flaw. Many pages are missing. The searching ends when I found Softany CHM to PDF Converter v2.02. Softwares aside from Softany is only able to convert some parts of the CHM while missing a total of 202. For example, when converting Oracle 10g: A Beginners Guide.chm, other converter is only able to convert the final PDF into 202 pages while Softany is able to convert it perfectly without any missing parts with a total pages of 405! That's a 50% pages missing! So I would definitely recommend Softany CHM to PDF Converter to convert your CHM into PDF.

Link to Softany CHM to PDF Converter


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