Reopen your running applications or files after restart/shutdown

Have you been in a situation whereby you are so reluctant to update any drivers or programs because you just have a lot of active program running and installing those might restart your PC, afterwhich you will need to re-open those programs again?

Fret not as the following marvellous freeware (yes you heard me alright, it's F-R-E-E! CacheMyWork will solve your worries. Not sure on how it works but it just works. All you need to do is tick on a list of active programs that are running that you would like to restore/reopen after restart. It does not just open the programs, but the last opened files as well, such as the powerpoint slide that you had been working on or the numerous tabs that you keep running on your browser.

Previously I had been putting my PC to sleep whenever I wanted to go to sleep because I don't want to keep track on the programs that I am currently running and need to reopen them upon booting my PC up. With CacheMyWork, I can now put my PC to shutdown with ease of mind.

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