[Troubleshooting] Folder in pendrive changed into shortcut

Have you encountered a situation in which all the folders in your pendrive suddenly changed into shortcuts? Upon double clicking them it links you to another folder path instead? At this point you might be thinking, oh no, all my university assignments is stored inside!!! And I didn't have any backup!!

If so, do not panic yet as following the steps below will solve it. The reason is because some kind of script or virus has changes the folder attribute into hidden.

1. Go to Command Prompt (Win + Run -> Type cmd)

2. Type the following command to remove the hidden attribute
cd H:\ attrib -H -S "foldername" /D /S

* Assume that H:\ is your removable disk drive.
* To list which hidden folders are inside your drive. Type: dir /A:h
* Replace foldername with the folder name listed.
* Repeat this command until all the folders are cleared of hidden attribute.

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