Beated Castlevania: PoR and Pokemon Pearl

Man, glad I'm managed to beat both game in a same day as the fact than I'm sick today (fever, sneezing and sore-throat)

I must first admit than the boss in Castlevania: PoR - Dracula is definitely a far more weak than the previous title such as Castlevania: Aria of Sorrow (GBA). The attacking pattern is pretty straight forward to see and it's very easy to figure it out once you saw it once.

On the other hand, the Elite Four in Pokemon Pearl is surely dazzling and amazed me. I thought the battlefield where they're standing would be nicely detailed and designed appropriate with their pokemon type. For example, I would imagine a forest-like battlefield for the first Elite Four (Aaron). However, if you somehow managed to beat all Elite Four, prepare to meet the Champion. Now here's what I'm talking about, roawr! The battlefield where the Champion was standing is just amazing enough, I wouldn't like to spoil you. It's just great and you'll get the feeling that this would be your final battle, at least for the time being... I couldn't complaint more about the music while battling in Pokemon League. The music composer - Go Ichiyose did it well again! He'll never let us down, even once with every single Pokemon League music he composed. Nicely heard, nicely done.